Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 20th - 26th May 2019

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 20th - 26th May 2019

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight 20th - 26th May 2019

Money come, Money come, Money come
A week to be aware of your money.

What Vector moves us towards abundance with our money?

Vector 8.2 Fulfillment

Direct information and advice to feed new innovations

Be selective in adding appropriate details that serve others

Overloading with details
Being too sparing in your contribution

A group sitting to dine where there is ENOUGH for all to eat and now it’s time to eat.



Why do you need money?
Who do you become with your money?
Where are you currently with your thinking around money?
Where are you currently with your feeling about money?
How is money showing up in your business and life?

Be honest.

Do any of the following resonant, with money I….
...over give
...have no boundaries
...over spend
...feel resentful tight fisted
...avoid it
...feel guilt and shame not allow myself to receive it

What if this week you become the Vector 8.2 of Fulfillment with your money.
How does that shift your experience?

8.2 sits in brand attraction, stage 2 of your enterprise, and relates to Mechanics, but let’s get creative as there is a gift in this for you.

If you, with steel certainty, become Fulfillment in your thinking, in your Vision, in your communication and connection with money - what new story does that create?

If you come to an end with limiting yourself and finish the old restrictive stories that you tell yourself about money, will that make an improvement?

Mechanic, is the mountain, so first you must find rest in Fulfilment, keep still, preserving your energy through stability. The time for lightning (Star) will come when you need to arouse and shake, incite movement from within, take initiative and align with the laws of attraction.

Nourishment is first taken in from the mouth, what do you say and ingest about money?
The true measure of who you are with money is in how you nourish yourself first.

In the beginning was the word and the word requires your consciousness, and consciousness desires your partnership and partnership demands truth, so direct your energy towards cultivating your character, setting your standards and telling a new story.

1: You must listen to Spirit within you ~ your quiet still voice
2: Shake off the dust 
3: Question how have the last 10 years impacted where you are now with your money
4: Assess with great cunning your present circumstances and wait for the time to execute your endeavor 
5: Be open to an unconventional approach that leads to the best solution
6: Have confidence and conviction, this relationship with money may feel risky but there is a positive outcome when you cross the great stream.

Let money talk to you this week in new ways, raise your standards, there is enough for everyone.

Manifest abundance with your money,

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