Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 29th Apr - 5th May 2019

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 29th April - 5th May 2019

There are partnerships and connections to be made this week in our businesses,

“How can you position yourself for the best possible outcome?”

Vector 6.8 Development

Organise resources gradually for a new beginning.


Be orderly and logical in the assembly of resources to begin.


Throwing out all of the old.

Look backwards.

Be too cautious.


A sunrise from behind a mountain, gradually enveloping the entire landscape.


Here in the Southern hemisphere we can lean into the season around us with the Autumn energy and approach of Winter.

This Vector is characterized by steadfast - slow and steady.

The sunrise does not rush, and yet it envelops the entire landscape.

A tree growing at the peak of a mountain, is in perfect timing with the course of Nature, establishing it’s roots firm and deep into the soil of the mountain.

Grow slow and deep, stable roots and a strong foundation are more important to your endeavor than high branches.

One step at a time, do not seek overnight success or instant gratification.

Do not be anxious when you see others appear to advance faster than you, your success will come in time and gradual success will be more enduring and powerful.

The goose symbolises loyalty and devotion and in a broader perspective it represents teamwork, cooperation and integrity…

...the wild goose dawdles slowly toward the shore

...the wild goose dawdles toward a boulder

...the wild goose dawdles slowly toward the highlands

...the wild goose dawdles slowly toward the woods

...the wild goose dawdles slowly towards the summit

...the wild goose dawdles slowly toward the highlands, its feathers are sacred and prosperity will come for all.

The steadfast movement, the stamina required to ensure connections and partnerships are for long-term success, the personal strength in you to navigate any unfamiliar terrain and difficulties comes with Vector ~ grow Deep.

Standing in Tempo energy, you activate the element of earth to give you perception and right timing and you stand in the energy of Steel and you activate the element of metal and to give you clarity and structure.

Be orderly in your connections, it leads you to promising, positive, long-standing partnerships.