Your weekly entrepreneurial insight for 22nd - 28th April 2019.

Your weekly entrepreneurial insight for 22nd - 28th April 2019.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter :)

This week, staying in the energy of “rising up” and living the life you were called to live, I have asked the question;

“What Vector will assist us to rise up this week in our businesses?”

There were actually two cards that stuck together - 3.3 Illumination and 4.2 Flow !

“Illuminated Flow”


Vector 3.3 Illumination
Recognise and celebrate collective action

Keep to one consistent message and share it like crazy

Mixed messages.
Getting stuck in detail or in the background

Bright sunshine spread to all four corners of the earth, with no shadows able to hide.


Vector 4.2 Flow
Go with the flow with effortless ease

Let others lead and be content with the light they shine

Diffusing or defining the efforts of others.
Judging the process

A family on a floating boathouse flow with the current of the river, in flow together

Integrating the two together in the energy of the Christian celebration of Easter.

It is important this week, to keep to one consistent message (as Jesus did in the New Testament story) and share it like crazy - with all conviction (as was achieve by him together with his 12 disciples).

Spreading the light (Amor) to all four corners of the earth by the masses (as the people were enlightened and had faith in his teaching).

The most important thing a leader can do, is consistently share the Vision of the company and ensure that their team do as well - constantly. The Flow occurs as others lead and share the "light" in alignment to the greater mission.

You are the Fire, with no solid form, but with the capacity to cling to the object that you burn - cling to your Vision, yes, it is an emotional attachment, but you are supported and protected.

Illuminate inwards and burn outwards, with virtue and clarity your luminous fire will burn twice as bright.

This is a potent Vector 3.3, in pursuit of happiness, to inspire fulfillment and to achieve high ambitions - rise up.

To Flow is to inspire followers, be the guide, the clarity in the dark, seek to understand, find time to enjoy yourself (but know your limits.)

Connect with others through conversation and understanding, bring the thunder clap of Joy in your movements to inspire others to follow you. Transformation is upwards and you shake downwards, to know how to lead is to first know how to serve.

Your adaptability and flexibility will be acknowledged, lead into victory and bring advancement to the collective. This will inspire followers.

Both Vectors this week are auspicious, manage them well.

Harness the Blaze and rise,

Happy Easter Vectors !

Happy Easter Vectors !

Connecting at the Brisbane Global Entrepreneur Summit

Connecting at the Brisbane Global Entrepreneur Summit