Happy Easter Vectors !

Honoring the crucifixion that may be necessary in your life to restore your relationship to the God in you, the power of Spirit, in order for you to access the vibrant experience of love and grace in your life forever more.

Using the season of our time, elevate your awareness and step onto the modern path to initiation towards a greater self knowledge as we reflect this weekend with the full moon and the Easter season - seek freedom.

Freedom from your constrictions, your limitations, your perceived sins,your sufferings, confess with your mouth in the privacy direct with the God in you and sense inwardly, you are the savior you have been waiting for.

You are the One in your life, you will rise - you will triumphant, experience the resurrection in your own being this weekend.

Move from the Good Friday mood of suffering to the spiritual mood of Easter Day and find strength in the forces that will lead you upwards.

Lean into the Vector of 7.7 Domination: Where there is trust and sincerity and a heart serves an important mission, there can be prosperity in spite of the suffering and pitfalls. Water flows, stay in motion and drink the living water of a life renewed.

You are a part of an important mission,