Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 1st - 7th April 2019

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 1st - 7th April 2019

“What Vector do you need this week?”


Approach with a long term view of ongoing benefit.


Co-operate with a view to mutual and sustainable success.


Aggression or argument. Positioning for success above others.


A well, providing a limitless source of lasting sustenance to support


Such a sense of plenty and enoughness.

“The well is there for all. No one is forbidden to take water from it. No matter how many come, all find what they need, for the well is dependable” - I Ching

Drink in the keywords;










Long Term



Connection with the plant kingdom, as the water is drawn up through the fibre and wood of the plant to water the blossoms it is the dispensing of nourishment.

The cycle of nature remains the same.

Our society and towns are in continuous change and advancements but we all need to return to the Well for our nourishment, our primitive needs remain the same.

When we approach with a long term view of ongoing benefit, we are able to reach down deep into the well and find source support - the source of all life.

Do not drink the mud from the well.

If your rope on your water jug is too short it symbolizes your efforts are falling short and you are failing to truly understand life. If your water jug is cracked it symbolizes that there is negligence and not enough care and study of the universal principles all around you.

For success and long term view of ongoing benefit for all you must extend your rope to reach the fountainhead, the well water, take care in the details. Do not crack the water jug that is so critical to drawing up the water from the depths.

Clear, cold spring water fills the well - it is drinkable.

Central to this Vector is rejuvenation and plenitude for the masses, ultimately nourishment for the people.

Expand the view to the greater good, the situation at hand this week is much deeper and much more meaningful than you initially perceive it to be.

This Vector will assist you to go to the heart of the matter and a divine omen will come to you to answer your question. Gentle thoughts with great depth, this Vector of Sustainability can position you to be the fountainhead for others, the well, providing knowledge, service and greater good to others.

Realise your inner potential,


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