Connecting at the Brisbane Global Entrepreneur Summit

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to be a business partner and attend the Brisbane Global Entrepreneur Summit. Flying over from my cosy, country, coastal hometown I stepped into the city vibe of Brisbane.

In order to get new results we need to do new things, connecting with the right people.

This is one event you need to be book into your business calendar and commit to turning up with the expectation of success. The content weaves consciousness, business, technology and the new waves of future trends to position you well as an entrepreneur.

It will leave an indelible impression that will push boundaries of your current business practice.

Consider The fifth stage of revolution ~ Society 5.0

1: Problem-solving & value creation

2: Diversity

3: Decentralisation

4: Resilience

5: Sustainability & environmental harmony

Leading to Become superhuman ~ Entrepreneur 5.0

  • Digital Layer

  • Practitioner

  • Hi Touch

  • Integrator

  • Zebras

  • Purpose Centred

  • Venture Builder

Commit to a new future in business, come to your senses by stripping back your current business thinking to find a new energy, new connections that transform you from “meh” to marvellous.