Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 4th - 10th March 2019

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 4th - 10th March 2019

Your weekly entrepreneurial insight for 4th - 10th Mar 2018

Looking at focusing on our market connections this week:

“Connections and partnerships with major market players”

3.4 Opposition

Keep your identity as relationships become merged.


Remain true to your principles and clear about your path.


Yielding to other interests too easily or without opposition.


A couple in dynamic opposition and tension as they agree to disagree.


How often can you lose yourself in a relationship or partnership and the waters become cloudy. The Vector this week is calling for you to be true and clear about your identity/principles and not fold or morph, losing all sense of individuality.

Move towards interdependence this week in your market connections.

When we experience dynamic opposition and can still work in partnership as we build our business muscles and can learn key lessons about trust and communication.

In Market connections, we have the image of the 3rd son, which is gathering, connection between immovable mountains, under the Vector of 3.4 Opposition, we need to be aware that in the greater endeavor at hand we are faced with opposition, however, take time to settle on the minor issues as it is auspicious to work to completion on these smaller tasks.

The sage is distinguished as an individual, separated from the ‘rest’; here you are to stand apart, stand firm, and know why you stand so firm.

The dynamic experience can be that one party is pushing for progressive movement and the other is holding back.

This sense of separation is necessary as Fire (Supporter) meets Lake (Deal Maker) - neither can progress at this stage and yet your individuality is critical to maintain.

Like two siblings sharing a house, there is a wall that currently divides them, usually a harmonious relationship, a time in opposition is necessary.

However, we also need to keep persisting, the carriage may be dragging and you feel separate, and losing your power, but get the oxen moving again and stay aligned to your Divine purpose progressing in a virtuous manner. The final outcome is victory.

Take time to work on your trust issues understand your position in the partnership and be open to understanding/listening to their point of view, as there can be feelings of skepticism of the other’s motives and intentions.

Your walk is hard, the weather is for rainfall, but fortune and prosperity will come.

Make the journey in the rain,



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