Vector Blog: In someone else’s shoes

Vector Blog: In someone else’s shoes

This week we celebrate International Women’s Day on the 8th March, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It has occurred for over a century now, and it belongs to all groups collectively everywhere.

Considering this post and looking at the theme for this year, #Balanceforbetter, I had a memory of being a child spending time in my mother’s closet trying on all her beautiful clothes and especially her stiletto high heels.

I remember the first time, putting on her heels and feeling the stretch in my arch and the weight on the ball of my foot, the imbalance and wobble in my body was laughable.

As I persevered, in sheer delight, my ankles gave way and I would fall over, only to try again. Scuffing my feet along with the floor with that recognisable “clomp, clomp” sound of the heels my balance got better, I did not fall down as much and I had a window of time where I got to see a glimmer of her world - of a women’s world.

In that time, I experienced the grown up stretch and uprightness that was required in order to walk forwards and it wasn’t easy or comfortable. Her shoes were completing different from my own, but I had such a strong desire to come alongside her, understand her and be like her it didn’t matter.

Today, this memory turned my reflection to consider how much time do we take to step into the shoes of others and attempt to walk in their world.

Often or not ?….and do we really put our foot all the way in and laced them up?

What if we had a call on our heart, in our Spirit, to step into the shoes of another,

would you be willing?

We all do life alongside of so many people and often at times we rush and hurry along, asking “how are you?” and not even wanting to know the answer. We get stuck making assumptions about others that are often nowhere near what that person is going through but once again we have no time to truly be present, to listen in, offer some balance (healing) with our presence (our time).

As we open our Spiritual eyes to gain Insight with our work with the Vector cards, what if, we pivot, to “see” what Spirit wants us to see with our fellow people and try on some shoes we might think are ugly, not the right fit or the wrong style. Where we may initially say, “I don’t want to wear those”, but instead we accept the challenge to move where Spirit calls you to move, to show up make a positive impact and bring in some balance for the better, where if you did not show up, it would not occur at all.

Our life is a fine line between what we want and what Spirit is calling us to do.

Sometimes these too align for true magic and flow, but other times for many of us the misalignment usually happens when our own desires and motives come first. Along life’s path, we can be so fascinated with our own shoes and the comfort that we walk in, we forget to step into the shoes of others. In our first world, we have free-choice and our own freedoms are critical, however without each other and coming alongside of another human being for a time in meaningful, living connection ~ we are lost.

When we squeeze our foot into those heels or those shoes of someone else and experience their world, meeting them where they are at, you have the powerful opportunity to influence them to elevate their choices and bring in more balance to their current situation.

As human beings, we are all connected to Spirit through our “Beingness”‘, and in this truth, Spirit knows the story of every single one of us as we collectively are link together. Spirit knows all about the Real Deal of you, there is no hiding where you are out of balance in your life - there is no pretending in the eyes of Spirit and no need to keep up pretense because others around you do not have time for the Real Deal of you.

By stepping in the shoes of another, it is not for us to know all the answers, however in our relationship to Spirit, trusting what is revealed in you to share with them, wonders can occur. We can be an answer to someone else in that moment.

Step up to the call and remember it is not about us, nor our blanket prescriptions and opinions that are all words, it’s not about being overly zealous without any knowledge, it’s not about being right and emotional, but it is about our approach - our motives and intentions, our alignment with the agenda of Spirit, which is pure love we can ensure the best landing.

When we put on the shoes of another, feel into any uncomfortableness of what is really going on, listen to Spirit in you with a loving intention, we end up saying what we are meant to say and not what we want to say.

This can make all the difference.

#Balanceforbetter living together,


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