Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 25th - 31st March 2019

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 25th - 31st March 2019

We had a great Entrepreneur Mastermind call this month on Personal Brand.

To support our further discovery of personal brand/identity which of the Vector gives us a quality to strengthen our position in this area?

Vector 3.2 PRECISION.

Direct energy through set rules and clear conduct.


Be forceful in setting the rules to direct energy into action.


Hesitating in being heard.

Compromising or being overridden.


Swift and strict punishment in a court for rules that have been broken.


This Vector is direct and forceful. It has clarity and is to the point, there is no room for muddle, confusion or chaos.

If your audience has 5 seconds (or less) to understand and choose to align with you through their purchase of your goods or services, are you positioned well, with this level of clarity?

Is the application of Precision internal or external in nature for you in your personal branding/identity?

This Vector tells you there is an obstacle you have to face - is it in your thinking, your sense of self worth, your fears, your actions or your communication style - is it from within you or in your external environment?

Imagine cracking seeds with your front teeth, focus and clarity are required amidst any obstructions and feelings of vulnerability. Bite down and snap through the obstacle in your mouth, splice it open and remove the obstacle from your path.

You know diffused light is beautiful and is enchanting and dreamy, but you require your customers, prospects and clients to be directed down an established path toward the best decision. Channel and focus the light like a laser that can cut through Steel with it’s PRECISION.

Begin with Blaze, Fire of the Supporter, the fire draws you in, it is mesmerizing, it is all-encompassing, but you are required with this Vector, to move in an upward fashion to Dynamo/Blaze, Star, which is Lightning, here is the capacity to shock and bring AWE = gain the attention.

With the characteristics of the Star at play, be mindful not to position yourself as the Hero, shining the Light on yourself. Take the instruction from Donald Miller, in his book, “Building a Story Brand”, to ensure the higher dimension of the Star is activated which positions you as the ‘Guide’, shining the Light onto others through your brand promise and your messaging - a vehicle for visibility.

Be disciplined and declare the exact rules, the story, so that your customers can follow with ease, they long for your brand to be part of their transformation so make it clear and direct from the beginning.

Dare to be visible,


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