Vector Blog: Do you hear from Spirit?

Vector Blog: Do you hear from Spirit?

I believe one of the most powerful relationships we can have as entrepreneurs is our partnership with Spirit. In Wealth Dynamics, it is the 5th frequency, our questioning of “Why?” and our place of “Insight”.

There is a passage in an old book, which calls for us to become like little children. To humble ourselves, in order that we receive the greatest gifts of all, that of the kingdom of Heaven. As a parent of 3 children and having worked in early childhood education, one of the first questions I have found that children ask and sometimes ask incessantly is “Why?”

It’s interesting to consider there is something deeply powerful and necessary in our relationship with Spirit, that we must first come from “Why?”, from a place of new beginnings, openness and curiosity.

In all honesty though, when times get hard in life and business, our natural inclination is to contract, hold on, shutdown and even think that we are the only ones who can have the answers. But what if we allow our relationship with Spirit to be like a rock, anchoring us in the eye of the storm, the place of safety, as the cyclone sweeps around us.

What if this relationship could also tether us into an elevated place of faith and trust that would allow our steps to flow and to be assured.

What if our relationship with Spirit was not to be silent.

Weaving a living relationship with Spirit as an entrepreneur, we can demand and be in expectation of personal intimate communications. Where it is not just by the letter, the word - our intellect, but it is with living Spirit that we can be together, communicating, communing and under covenant.

But what if Spirit is silent?

Whether we are a person of faith, a person of spirituality, or even someone walking a journey of higher consciousness, the number one desire on our hearts is to hear directly from Spirit/Higher Consciousness/Divine/ it what you please, and how often do we cry out when we experience silence.

Connection and communication brings us life, it is the air we breathe.

From the smallest of subatomic particles, we have Nature within us through sharing of basic elements that sit in the core of our matter. When we look at the characters of many of the old myths and legends, humans have been described as coming from the earth and once formed enter into a relationship with a Spirit or God/Goddess greater than themselves.

In Hebrew, “Adam” as described in the Old Testament of Christianity, means from the ground, of the earth, the red clay, we are told Spirit like a potter, forms him with his own hands and breathed life into him, in’spire, in order to have a relationship with him. ‘Adam” became a vessel.

The next character in this book, is Noah. “Noah” in Hebrew, means “rest”, the lesson is about coming into a “perfect” and “deep” rest, so that we can hear the instructions from Spirit, even when the calling sets us apart from others and we might be ridiculed.

In the state of rest, Spirit speaks.

But the question is, can you get out of your own way?

Are you courageous enough to channel, listen in, follow that which is placed on your heart, that which calls you to potentially be different and be “greater” than those around you. To be focussed on building your ship as the waters rise around you, following your higher purpose even despite the floods of life and business where everything seems lost and you feel isolated.

We are not alone.

In both these stories, they did not achieve great feats alone, Spirit walks with “(wo)man”, coming alongside and together they walk in the cool of the day.

Spirit desires relationship, desires connection, desire us to hear and for us to speak and Spirit desires to walk with us.

We are told we are knitted together in our mother’s womb for such a time as this, with all the threads of your uniqueness, talent and strengths you are needed now.

Be the vessel Spirit has fashioned you to be, come into perfect rest so you can hear, pour out all the goodness, beauty and truth to others from your place of splendour and always journey together.

Walking with Spirit,

Pic: Auckland Art Gallery

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