Vector Insight: Cleansing the Vector Cards

Back from the New Zealand Global Entrepreneur Summit and I wanted to share with our community a practice I do to cleanse and clear my Vector Cards ready for my next clients and sessions. 

Rituals and ceremonies have been used since the earliest dawning of time in our humanity and it is a way to step into a reverancial flow of communication with Spirit/Divine/our Higher Self. It is a practiced way of behaving to position ourselves in the gesture of “Awe”, using objects, placement, intention and process to deeply and meaningfully experience connection.

By tuning into the energetics of our relationships we are aligning to consciousness Spirit and in this video I walk through a ritual with my cards where I they are prepared as a “gift - an offering” back to Spirit in order to release an residue, negative or sticky energy that can be transmuted for the next wave of goodness.

Play lightly and give it a try if it inspires you.

Vector table mats and Vector Crystal packs are available on request.