Vector Blog: There is Magic all around

Vector Blog: There is Magic all around

The other week, my husband and I were on assignment in a small inland town, we were pressed for time and had only the last light of the day to work with and deliver to our client - the pressure was on.

As we drove along the side of the old railway tracks, I noticed something shift in the environment, a driveway caught my eye to the left, it seemed to look different - welcoming. This happened in a split second, it was non emotional, clear and fast - my curiosity was sparked 
- “stop, turn around and go back, there is something down that driveway” I said to my focused and determined husband.

You have to understand here, already I am taking a risk with him and potentially tapping into the wrong call, wasting our precious time on a hoax.

But this felt/seemed different and I was super clear.

So we turned around and drove in - oh my there was some deep magic in those parts!

I have not felt like that it in years and thanks goodness the “hunch” paid off grandly.

We were both like little kids exploring the enchanted forest. And the photos were spot on and we were both rejuvenated by some “Forest Bathing”.

Down that unsigned, dirt track ended up being Western Australia’s first permanent state nursery established in 1897. Between 1925 and 1957 a total of 4.5 million trees, of different varieties were produced at the Nursery, with local prisoners contributing to the growth. Still owned by the State government it remains part of the historical eco precinct of the area.

The power and partnership that can happen when we are attuned to our intuition, when we trust in our gut and develop a relationship aligned with higher consciousness is a delight - some what magical.

Our intuition does have a connection to our ‘gut’, a natural survival instinct all humans have. Whether we listen and act upon it is over to the individual, as we are ‘creatures’ of free-will.

But going deeper, intuition is also connected to Trust.

Trust in our own gut hunches & sensations, trust in ourselves, trust in others, trust in the Divine. We can avoid trusting the powerful guidance or embrace it. Just as there are levels of trust and we need to be BRAVE - as Brene Brown, discusses in, Anatomy of Trust, we need to be BRAVING, there are also levels of intuition we can attune too.

The first step is to just have the awareness of it.

The second step is to express it.
By expressing and objectifying your intuitive awareness so that by becoming conscious you will notice your behaviour and actions and create conscious choice to lean in and see where it takes you - down the garden path or beyond.

When we commit to the real power of our Intuition we align ourselves with our higher consciousness earned by cultivating a spiritual relationship between our soul and the Divine (Spirit/God) and maintain a steady consistent dialogue and practice.

Keeping an “intuition” journal is one way to record the synchronicities, the gut hunches, the magical messages that you receive on a daily basis.

By writing these down and reflecting on them you are naturally building your confidence and trust in the process. Recording your entries with a date, time and location can also be valuable to the practice. We think we are going to remember them, in the moment they can be so powerful, however in reality, there are just a few that actually stay in mind as we get older 😉

In the Vector System, we do work in partnership with our intuition (as well as our imagination and inspiration) I do encourage you to keep a journal and record where you can, your cards, your readings, your insights in order to go back and recognise their whisperings. It can become a rich and meaningful body of work, personal to you and able to contribute to your decision-making in business.

Below are a couple ways to develop your intuition further to help you develop an awareness of your intuition and how your’s works best. 
(yes, there are different ways of receiving intuitive guidance - but that's for another post)

1. Spontaneously write down your impressions and draw images as consistently as you can, carrying a small notebook with you can be helpful. It’s important not to censor your thoughts!

2. Be free, open, and expressive. Don’t worry about spelling and punctuation, these are your personal private notes.

3. If you write something that seems to be wrong at the time, highlight it, so it can still be read. You may see it in a different light in retrospect.

4. Free yourself from rigid expression on the page by swapping writing hands, if you are right-handed, try writing with your left (or vice versa). It can seem awkward at first, but when you persist it can reveal some interesting insights.

5. In your recordings of the Vector Cards, if you get stuck on what to write, swap over to a blank piece of paper and write the last word over and over until a new thought presents itself—and it will.

6. Set your imagination free. “ Imagine if…..” 
Notice when you make your imagination wrong or bring in judgement, “oh that’s just my imagination!” Yes, it is! - the language of your imagination is pictures, symbols, colours and sounds all linked to the creative mind in you.

Remember to have lightness, enjoyment and be curious.
Developing and cultivating a “working” relationship with your Intuition can be FUN.

Tap into the magic all around you,

pic: russellordphoto :)

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