Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 28th - 3 Feb 2019

“In partnerships with others this week, what Vector can contribute to positive outcomes?”

2.8 Weakness

Maintain restraint and don’t rock the boat.

Maintain economy in actions and minimise excesses.

Adding excess in actions or investment. Acting on impulse.

A boat on a river, weighed down by excess weight, no longer in control

This Vector calls your attention to consider those things that can weaken the partnership and gives the strategy to incite the little things and leave the greater matters to rest this week and this will lead to success.

Restraint on the energy of the Star as you move toward the Mechanic. The energy is heightened with the Dynamo line active, but it is the time to improve and perfect.

The Star incites shock and awe with thunder and lightning, the mountain of the Mechanic requires being solid and reliable. It is necessary to keep provide structure, maintain stability in the wider foundation, paying attention to the details and initiating small incremental changes towards progress.

The message of the Vector is that it is not the proper time to strive upwards, instead strive downwards. A time for perfecting and improving will bring great fortune and prosperity, the time for greater expansion will come. The long term partnerships will be successful.

The small things matter,