Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 18th-24th Feb 2019

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 18th-24th Feb 2019

Your weekly entrepreneurial insight for 18th-24th Feb 2019

“What will bring me Joy in my business this week?”

8.6 Extraction
Be pure in your intentions and remove what does not fit.

Be discerning in what serves and be open on what does not.

Being tolerant of unclear or confusing intentions or distractions.

A peach eaten by worms, implying decay, disintegration and the need to pull out and clean up.

You are called to cast a critical and discerning eye over your business this week, with pure intentions and with the help of the characteristics of the Mechanic we are looking to bring things to completion as well as make improvements, eradicating what does not fit or is misaligned.

Your introverted nature is stimulated and the Steel line is active.

Your Joy can be found when you are insync with your Purpose, identify the decay, degeneration or stagnation in your business and take immediate action through considered planning before more atrophy occurs.

This may be a challenging undertaking, but it is necessary if you are committed to crossing the great stream, it must be completed.

The Mountain of the Mechanic tells you to be "still" and steadfast, preserving energy through your stability, consider 3 days of preparation before the Critical Point, use this time in observation and identifying the spoil.

The Wind of the Accumulator enters gently and gently blows, you need to proceed with conscientiousness, your time of Action is to also maintain flexibility and adaptability to ensure extraction is completed.

Come back to Mountain and assign 3 days afterwards as Strategic Reflection.

To remove and extract the decay is to motivate your people towards higher moral standards.

The Vector of Extraction is not about service to society, but it is in service of your own higher consciousness, aligned with your Purpose. Create a distance from worldly affairs this week, draw back and align to your higher purpose, with your greater good.

Your role is not the governor, it is the sage, it is not moving forward in the desire of power, but because your intentions are aligned with Spirit and deeply pure.

It’s time to clean up and feel the JOY.

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