Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 7th-13th Jan 2019

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 7th - 13th January

“What Vector enhances our entrepreneurship this week?”

Vector 6.4 Confidence

Hold true to objectives to achieve mutual cooperation.


Clarify intentions for partnerships to have unity in purpose.


Letting conversation or compromise confuse objectives.


A merchant consigning goods on a dock, entrusting what is precious to others.


At times, it is not about expansion but more about enhancing and this week the Tempo line is activated so consider your “When” questions.

Contributing time to your projects and processes whether it be to renew or review them will be give you confidence in your intentions and position to move forward to engage in partnerships.

Holding Confidence is an internal value the keywords give us insight:












Inner Certainty


First comes the Accumulator, in Confidence, we seek characteristics in ourselves of reliability, care, consideration and turning plans into processes, I also attribute the position of the Accumulator with positioning yourself as the “expert” in your niche, anchor into authority or make the changes to enhance this position.

Secondly, the profile of the Deal Maker comes back to our week, with the yearly theme of “Profitable Partnerships” for our Genius Group (Entrepreneurs Institute et..), find strength in connecting with people, spotting opportunities, operating out in front and creating results through conversation.

The Wind (Accumulator) blowing through the Valley (Deal Maker) we hold the faith within and our heart opens to Truth.

Respond and do not react, your responsiveness is key when dealing with any conflicts or transgressions with others. Strength is found in your mildness, gain a deep understanding of the “why” before delivering punishment towards others. First we seek to understand.

By clarifying intentions for partnerships to have unity in purpose, you are assuring an awakening will take place. Together you are about to manifest the highest potential and in doing so, some may be left behind. Remember, there is no error in that sacrifice. Seeking counsel from one superior will place you on a path to success, as you are the sovereign to bring all the forces together under one virtuous ”rule”.

In confidence execute the decision that best serves your “kingdom”.

This week to enhance your entrepreneurship, in Vector 6.4 Confidence, forge alliances and win support from others, unification will lead to successful market connections. Delivery of a timely process with actionable steps will reap rewards.

In confidence,