Video: Your January Entrepreneurial Insight 2019

Video: Your January Entrepreneurial Insight 2019

We look at the subtle influences on your entrepreneurship with Capricorn, Saturn and the element of Earth together with this month's Vector of 1.2 Innocence.

Alongside the insights in the video


* What are your high expectations for others (your team) are they working and achievable?

* Under the earth element - your health and taking time for self-care need to be a priority for you to last the distance.

* What old dated/moded systems need to be released or transformed?

* Are you tied to the past and is your history fogging or enhancing your Vision?

* Are you being hard on yourself and procrastinating in completing projects/tasks wanting it to be all perfect or better before you move forward?

* The Vector 1.2 Innocence sits in our emotional/psychology (mind & behaviour) and therefore it becomes a quality we can embody and remember throughout this month.

Have a prosperous month,