Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 21st - 27th Jan 2019

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 21st - 27th Jan 2019

Coming towards the end of January and we are definitely all in work mode.

As many of you have probably started the quarter with a plan and a future vision for the year, let us look at a Vector that can assist us to stay focused and not stray from our path of achievement.

“What Vector can strengthen our focus to stay on track and move toward our goals?”

4.6 Overload

Shed excess baggage and lighten up.

Re-evaluate limits and unload excess baggage while you can.

Holding on. Keeping the things that are hindering progress.

An overloaded boat capsizes under it’s weight and sinks.

This week, you need to make time and give attention to reduce your load otherwise you will suffer from the Overload.

Activating Tempo energy in our re-evaluation and prioritizing, we need to consider, 
does your physical environment support you? Consider your time frames and timelines, are these realistic?

Overload not only affects our physical space but our mental and emotional faculties - it is the time this week, to reduce the clutter and unload in all three areas.

At the heart of the matter, is that there is a great undertaking at stake here, listen in and feel the supportive wind that blows.

By shedding the excess baggage you will position yourself with more power and influence in your authority which makes the collaborations and partnership more secure.

Conversations with others will be one way to produce results but there is also the need for physical execution of action - ground down and be practical in your steps forward.

You are moving toward the tipping point, you are reaching the critical mass and if you have not re-evaluated and made changes, the excess leads to physical, emotional or mental sinking.

Take the transformational path and allow yourself to experience the turning point, there is still effort required to overcome distractions, trials and tribulations - it is advantageous to proceed.

Calmly harness the second wind to be victorious in your endeavors, the extra energy and vitality needed will drive you to the finishing line and manifest the transformation.

Use this Vector to intentionally set your decisions and actions this week, towards completing the final chapter allow your conscientious thoughts to gently guide you to the tasks at hand so you can experience the week in a state of tranquility, satisfaction and pleasure.

“Does it spark you Joy ?” ~ Marie Kondo

A change is at hand,

Book suggestion: Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

Art Series, Limited edition Vector Bags coming soon...

Art Series, Limited edition Vector Bags coming soon...

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