Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 31st Dec-6th Jan 2019

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 31st Dec-6th Jan 2019

Happy New Year
Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 31st Dec - 6th Jan 2019.

What is the Vector to partner with this week in our business?

Vector 4.1 Breakthrough
Be alert for most effective paths to direct flow.

Be quick to direct flow and make the most of breakthroughs.

Moving slowly or being caught unprepared or complacent.

A dam bursts, water floods through and immediate action is needed to avoid crisis.

Let’s start with the keywords so we have a sense of the energy at play here:

Have you been trying to slow things down and stay in control hindering your breakthrough?

What if, by partnering with this Vector there was some chaos, could you flow with the disruption so that old & tired structures could tumble down?

Are you active in your business to be decisive and quick to redirect flow?

On this Vector, we have the profile of the Deal Maker and the Creator. From the characteristics of the DM, we can create results through partnerships and conversations, spotting an opportunity and being out front, entertaining and approachable. The Creator asks us to optimistically hold the vision stimulating others to be inspired and take action.

Before a breakthrough, there is a mounting of pressure and tension, creative and innovative ideas are forming, and will need to materialise.

However, in the midst there is a warning of danger and risks it will not only affect you but others need to be warned. Be organised in understanding your foundations and structures, loyal and reliable ~ maintain control.

Move forward decisively, without excessive force, being prepared for action you will ward off all threats. You will need to simply act, not seeking counsel or outside advice, this endeavor is yours alone to bear and carry forth.

Do not let your guard down, you must have confidence in your own instincts.

In command, in control. The leader can show the way with the power to direct self.

Break on through to the other side,
~ I can hear The Doors playing in my head ;)

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