Vector Visioning for 2019

Vector Visioning.

1: Brainstorm, mind map & collecting inspiration.

2: Create a workable structure to layout the flow of your creation for 2019.

The Feng Shui grid underlying the Vision board is as follows:


Top line from left to right.
1: Financial goals/ Wealth
2: Highest Personal Ambitions / Fame & Reputation
3: Intimate relationships / Love & Marriage

Middle line from left to right.
4: Family & Home/Roots
5: Health
6: Expansion / Creativity & Children /Legacy

Bottom line from left to right.
7: Contunued Education / Knowledge & Self Cultivation
8: Professional Goals / Career
9: Helpful People / Travel & Community / Social Networks.

When you choose your words, your images place 1-2-3 in each section, no overcrowding, let the energy flow on your board. Like being at an art gallery we need some space between to pause & breath staying in the calmness of our Stength. Layering images can lead us into the cluttered impulsive rush & confusion of where we should focus.