Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 14th-20th Jan 2019

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 14th-20th Jan 2019

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 14th - 20th January 2019

I have had a Community question this week, one that can affect all of those working with teams, partners and in collaborations.

The question was,
” What is my best Vector, when I am in conflict with others and there is misunderstanding and heated emotions at play?”

It is always ideal within the Wealth Dynamics Profiling system to have each person involved take the test to discover their profile, this allows you some insight into the Vectors that will guide you for the best action to ease the relationship.

Secondly, we can do a card draw, a creative intuitive selection, which I have done for this week.

Therefore, should you be experiencing conflicts, tension and upsets with others in your business this week, the best Vector to support you and that you can “embody” will be …

7.1 Patience
Provide your experience as input but not direction

Give your knowledge with no expectation of the outcome.

Trying to direct things.
Being too quick to judge or comment.

A farmer patiently waiting for rain, where he has no control over the elements.

As we see the Lord (7) profile first, wait, hesitate, take more of an introspective view, close your mouth and observe, examine and analysis.

Providing your experience as input, no blurting out, taking over, creating complications or stories - keep things clear, simple and on point.

From this Vector of Patience we are able to nourish, grow and care, providing an environment for harmony to be cultivated in the right time with the “correct” details & facts.

New beginnings and a fresh start is on the cards, as the Creator holds the renewed Vision and what steps to take for moving into flow but the need to respect the “Winter” energy in the relationship.

Sometimes we have to let things sit - then we may need to come to an end, “die-off”, discard or improve before we embrace the fullness and possibility of a new beginning with “Spring” (Creator 1).

With Water (Lord) and the Creator (Heaven) there is a need to wait for the nourishment. The situation will not change simply because you will it or try to force it. The outcome comes from the frequency of the Spirit energy (5th element) - Insight.

All you can do is adjust your attitude and be patient and put your trust in Nature’s timing, staying in Flow.

To give you further imagery on this guidance from a strategic relational ‘art of war’ perspective:

Wait in the countryside in the outskirts.
Wait out the storm.
Wait on the sandy shore.
Wait out the gossip.
Wait in the mud without getting bogged.
Lingering in the blood look for the light to leave with safety.
Lingering with the food and wine.
Enter the cave with your guests, receiving and honoring them.
In the end there is good fortune.

If your like me and love a layer of music as you wait - try, 
John Mayer - “Waiting on the world to change”
Guns ‘n’ Roses - “Patience”
Tom Petty - “The Waiting”
Aretha Franklin & George Michael - “I knew you were waiting (For Me)”

Patience be with you,

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