Vector Creative: Identity for your Personal Leadership

Vector Creative: Identity for your Personal Leadership

Vector Creative : Identity for your Personal Leadership: Video & Creative exercise

A creative exercise to dive into your past to find key strengths to enhance your identity.🎨

An overview and one small exercise to try.

In the Wealth Spectrum, identifying your identity is key to stabilising in Yellow as an entrepreneur.

Identity in astrology, is linked to the first house and the element of Fire 🔥with relationship to Aries and Mars. Fire as connected to the Blaze energy.🔥

Here we are to be “seen” and the style in which we connect.

In your art journal, follow the video instructions and with the “U” chunk down your time periods to a 7 year rhythm all the way to 64.

⭐️How many blue Vector Cards are there or Hexagrams in the I-Ching ?💫

Everything is interrelated!🔥

Start at 0-7 years old and keep going as you feel prompted too.

What memories surface ?

What are the themes or a recurring feelings?

What was happening in your environment?

Who were your role models and people of influence?

Bring it all to the page ( you can do it on your draft before you settle into a final piece) or go for it straight in your art journal.


Here is an older picture of my U in one of my art journals, where I ended up thinking about the trees from my childhood and in my environment, which then lead me to consider legacy, the differences of trees, their networks in the forests, their role and responsibilities and how that informed me as to what was important.


Use primary colours as a start to make it easier, attribute a character for each that relates to you.

Ideas below;

Red - energy/passion/excitement/anger/independence

Yellow- communication/socialising/freedom/movement/relationships/anxiety

Blue- emotions/sensitivity/moody/depression/empathy/intuition/creative


As you bring colour to the page are there aspects to integrate into your branding?

Anchoring identity into a meaningful past/present/future leads gracefully to authenticity and greater trust.


Showing my second stage (after a simple draft) of the process of re-membering 0-7 years old:

1: using family photos to stimulate your memory

2: the 3 primary colours to bring some feeling on the page

3: the blue vector cards of your profile eg. Star (2) ( 2.1-2.8 )


Coming to mind:
Healing, emotional mastery and being a sensitive continue to be my themes but now with the deep rooted ownership of my Heroine’s story.


Strength in where I stand with my Future Vision to serve in raising consciousness, teaching and inspiring others to work with the Vector cards, creativity and Spirit to empower your leadership.

Consider your Hero’s / Heroine’s Story in discovering your strength of identity

Write in your profiles blue vector cards - those numbered 1-8.

What insight does that bring for you as you complete the exercise?

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