Wealth Vector System Live Series - July 2018

Wealth Vector System Live Series - July 2018

The monthly Wealth Vector System live video series is to stimulate your thinking, offer ideas for conscious entrepreneurs through the monthly theme given, where we can inspire a collective conversation from around our world. I am inviting you to share your stories, what each theme means to you and how it impacts and influences your work each month.

By sharing our experiences, it is with the intention to inspire & support others on this journey so we can collectively come together to 10x our impact in the world and ascend to the next level in our business.

We will weave your journey with Wealth Dynamics & integrate the wisdom of Spirit through the insights and deeper perspectives of the Wealth Dynamics Vector Cards.

It is my intention that you can apply the information from these newsletters each month to your existing frameworks, thinking frameworks or business frameworks, to enhance and expand the possibility of doing business better….even brilliantly.

The themes for each month are decoded through a Pythagoran system of numerology, to tap into the invisible influences that still impact us in our modern business & living.

In addition, the integration with the Vector cards then allow for us to connect to a universal wisdom in the I-Ching, in a practical way through Wealth Dynamics to support our journey ahead.

Feet on the ground, here comes July.

The theme for July, calls us to meet with the entrepreneurial profile of the Lord and to spend time with our cashflow infrastructure.

This is instructing us to have in place an efficient cash generating system.

Cashflow Infrastructure = What condition are your bank accounts, your income streams, your investments, your payment systems and even your wallet in ?

What is you relationship with the Lord?

Do you have an efficient cash generating system in place?

What is your Money story?