Your Business Insight: 18th -24th June 2018

2.2 Attention.jpg

Your Business Insight: 18th -24th June 2018

Focusing this week on your Brand Attraction.
A brand promise that leads to repeat business ~ shock & awe, first to catch the attention of others.

“What Vector is necessary to be successful in your Brand Attraction this week ?”

Vector 2.2 ATTENTION

Seize the moment and hold the stage for others to shine

Heistating. Trying too hard or being too self-critical.

Lightning hits a tower, grabbing attention with a stunning and high profile act.


In the context of your Brand Attraction, here comes a great thunderstorm.

Smile & Laugh at this auspicious sign, be in relief, face any fears you may have regarding your business and it’s ability Attract.

What have you promised your customers?
How are you with committment?

Calm your mind, you will be able to see opportunities for Action that you might have previously missed.

You need to be Aroused to start a new journey to commence anything new, the power of Thunder is here to wake you up from your slumber.

Do not react, be fearful or allow yourself to get carried away by great excitement as it will aggravate, give Attention to being mindful, calm & present to see the unique way forward.

Take time to consider your unique identity (your product, personal or company brands), have you niched yourself and your offerings which may catch the attention of others. Is your focus on the needs of your customers ?

A committed union or partnership will strengthen your position, consider contrasting & complementary elements ~ one dark, one light, one part intuition, one part rationalism, one part intellect, one part creation, one part activation and here you can reconcile all their different attributes for an extraordinary opportunity for brand attraction.

From a place of inner strength, shake, arouse and incite movement through your marketing & messaging this week.

Overcoming any limiting thinking will make you stronger, give Attention to your brand promise that leads to repeat business.

Seize the moment and hold the stage for others to shine, there is a quickening around you.

1: Microdegree - Orange to Yellow
2: the Impact Meter

“When we get caught up competing, we get caught out playing catch up.
It turns out you don’t need to compete when you know who you are” ~ the Story of Telling

“the person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it. “ ~ Chinese proverb