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Friday 29th June at 6pm (WA Time)

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Would you like to receive some deeper insight for planning and preparing your greater success in quarter 3?

As the leader of the WoW10 Circle here on Genius U, I have been looking at how can I x10 my communications - so here it is - let's re-ignite the monthly webinars with Wealth Vector System & inspire you with the Wealth Vector cards, introducing a new possibility & a creative approach into your entrepreneurial journey !

Join our free June group webinar to inspire & support you to work with your Wealth Vector cards.  

(Having the cards are not necessary to be included in this group or on the calls.)

Through our collective focus and sharing, there will be plenty of clear insights and directions for everyone to take away and action.

The power of the group will ignite a new possibility to unfold for your planning of quarter 3 and it is my belief that you will receive some important keys to unlock your next steps.

This group experience is open for some questions as we cover the month's material and active listening to each other will ensure new learnings & even some transformation in your thinking.

Please register your attendence on Genius U and I look forward to seeing you online Friday 29th June 2018 at 6pm (Western Australia time)