Business Insight 30th April - 6th May 2018

Business Insight 30th April - 6th May 2018

Vector 5.4 APPROACH

Vector 5.4 APPROACH

Your Business Weekly In~sight
30th April - 6th May 2018

“What must change that you maybe in resistance with ?”


Gain an objective view by looking at all sides.

Remain impartial and gain an overview, ready to decide.

Making decisions or acting too quickly. Taking sides.

A man approached his home from the mountains, giving him a panoramic view.

Welcome the opportunity to change your Approach this week, let go of the AVOID: “Making decisions or acting too quickly. Taking sides.”

When you allow change in your approach be ready to receive the first light of great success - after a lot of work, labour and obstacles you will be able to position yourself well.

All your good works will propel you towards your peak, the ascension to greatness, the expansion of power.

It is important that as you change your approach and ascend you do not look down on the work of others, or that you perceive others to be less than you.

You have the ability to come into your power, your highest potential and destiny, but consider how are you Approaching this ?

Question; if you are attached to certain outcomes, does this limit you ?

You will meet with your prosperity when you persevere on the noble path - do not lose your humility.

Collective ascension to greatness is where you seek out alliances, you come into joint collaborative effort with those who share your virtue and mission, you can use this momentum to your advantage and success expands into even greater success.

Remain calm about your progression and advancements.

Remain kind and open towards all around you irrespective of class or rank, draw people from all backgrounds into your inner circle, this will be favourable and work for your benefit.

Possess the right attitude and maintain supportive interpersonal relations.

Employ your skills, intellect, intuition and wisdom - you will succeed when you take a holistic approach to your endeavour.

ENJOY the panoramic view as you approach home from the mountains !


What is your relationship to your personal power ?

What is your relationship to your personal power ?