Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight 3rd - 9th Dec 2018

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight 3rd - 9th Dec 2018

Your weekly Entrepreneurial Insight
3rd - 9th Dec 2018

What Vector will be your shining light this week?

5.1 Harmony

Support the space for success to flourish.

Take small actions to support and grow a space of trust.

Leaving actions to others.
Undertaking your own value now.

Celebration and Lion Dance signifying a new spring celebrated together.


Breath out and ground down here we meet the Trader first before the Creator.

Your feet are to walk you forward timely and with purpose. 
Bringing gravity to the Earth with each step and with your presence, your head is in the lightness of Heaven, be the channel, the conduit of Harmony.
As above, so below.
So within, is with out.

Under Harmony, lean into prosperity, major synthesis, holy and auspicious unions.

Upper and lower classes unite, there is peace.
Look for the social harmony in your environment so you can celebrate together.

This Vector is calling you forth as the wise and prosperous leader to model harmony and apply it for the greater good. Acting in accordance with etiquette and prosperity, by doing so you will walk a smooth,unobstructed path.

Consider the following steps which refer to walking through the Yin & Yang lines on the front of the card.

1: This references the beginning of Spring, Winter has finished, it is a time of action/ideas/vision at this time.

2: Recognise your high intellect and great capabilities. You are willing to take risks for others,negotiate a compromise, observe the temperance, you will not regret your decision.

3: Change is constant, in both human affairs and cycles of nature there is a state of flux, you may face some difficulties, however do not stop celebrating the joys and maintain your merriment.

4: Voluntary surrender of power and position to create a higher alliance of forces. With one foot in fortune and one foot in adversity you move towards peace.

5: Make amends for past wrongs, even if they were wrongs not committed by you. Sacrifice any righteousness for the peace offering.

6: Your fortress is strong, however do not be complacent, with every era of peace comes an era of strive. Allow the changes and transformation to complete itself, give way to the natural course of cycles and change.

Go forth in HARMONY
Be open to create and attract new opportunities by supporting the space for success to flourish.

See you at the Genius U Conference on the 6-9th Dec in Bali !

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