Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 17- 23rd Dec 2018

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 17- 23rd Dec 2018

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight 
for 17- 23rd Dec 2018

A question from our Vector community.

“How do I overcome any challenges I will face this week?”

Interestingly, the VECTOR of Struggle 7.2

7.2 Struggle

Focus on specific areas of growth without a need to control all.

Choose to contribute in areas of detail during uncertainty

Trying to slow down events or focus on the negatives

A new sapling struggling to grow between rocks and in difficult conditions.


Let’s look at the placement of the profile influence in this card.

First we see the Lord (7), we are faced with struggle, hardship, difficulty, this is the reality, these are the facts, there is no need to sugar-coat it. However, Vectors are all about movement and flow, so we do not get stuck in the struggle we move across to the Star (2) up the energy from Steel to Blaze/Dynamo and reach for the optimistic aspects.

Contributing the details to the situation, focusing on growth and not contraction.

The difficulty is at the beginning, it’s an initial challenge, a blade of grass pushing through cement to seek the Light.

An opportunity for personal growth, you are best to store your energy, build the momentum slowly and steadily and prepare for the sudden breath through (Star is Lighting/Thunder). 
The thunderstorm allows all tensions to be released and the rain (Lord is associated with Water in the Vectors) will clear the air, you will bring order out of chaos.

Clarity and details are needed, there may be too many possibilities and indecision - wait until the matter becomes clear to you instead of grasping at the first solution.

Moving through the Struggle, your position is to help facilitate optimal decision-making when there is an onset of initial difficulties, this will build momentum and lead to personal and intellectual breakthrough.

In grace & glory,

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