Vector Blog: Finishing with Strength

Vector Blog: Finishing with Strength

Change a word or two and that makes all the difference.

How true is this in your life?

I saw the title “Finishing Strong” and all sorts of images came to mind, but they were images of flexing muscles, beating others and being puffed up….it was not what I was desiring. In a moment of inspiration, I internally heard, “Finishing with Strength” now there was delight in this.

In Strength, through the Tarot, we experience inner qualities versus the material physical force and power. The Strength card is depicted by a female dressed in white, with an infinity symbol above her head holding gently the mouth of a Lion. She uses the power of focused calmness & peace. The number on the card is an 8, one calling forth abundance, being enterprising, authority and leadership.

As conscious leaders, know the power of making time to re-member and reflect on the past year in order to strengthen your position for the upcoming year. There is a core essence of recollecting and returning to wholeness in preparation for the next step.

Come join me on a free zoom webinar, “Finishing with Strength” making time for your personal leadership.

Our end of the year free interactive webinar is an invitation to join in a group of like-minded conscious entrepreneurs from around the world.

Self Awareness is the first guiding principle, so through this webinar, we come together to explore our deeper insights and value lessons on 2018 directed through Vector card spreads, discussions and journaling. The ability to see beyond where you are is crucial for exponential success, and so within this group experience we will share the spiritual trends held within the framework of 2019 so you are prepared with greater Insight.

By utilizing the Vector cards, it will give you an opportunity to participate both as a group and individually in your own personal discovery to expand your self awareness as an entrepreneur and take home key learning's that you infuse into your promotional plans and yearly vision.

Most importantly, it gives us a precious moment in time to release 2018 and stand ready from the inside out for a awesome 2019.

This is interactive, you will require a journal/paper, pen and an open mind & heart.
You do not need your own Vector Cards to join us.
Understanding of Wealth Dynamics and the profiles is necessary.

In Strength,

Register here:

Friday 28th December @3pm WA time.

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