Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 10th - 16th Dec

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 10th - 16th Dec

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight 
For 10th- 16th Dec 2018

Where is your strength in the Vectors this week as 
collective leaders?

Vector 7.5 Union

Take a position of cooperation, seeking common ground.

Collect information with a view towards mutual benefit.

Creating division. Seeking early opportunity or advantage.

Two leaders bringing their armies together in unity, symbolising mutual support.

Welcome teamwork, bonding and alliances.

As we draw near to the closing of 2018, here we find our strength in standing by each other, having a neutral voice and linking to each other creating a bond of strength and an alliance.

Do not be the last to arrive, you must embrace the good fortune that this Vector holds and enter into the King’s court with good faith and in good timing. Those arriving late will suffer the consequences and be deemed not worthy.

As the Lord profile leads before the Trader, 7.5, we are told to be single-minded in your decision before looking at others for support, be sure that all parts within yourself have alliance. You will not be ready to act and seek external support until you yourself can act in single-mindedness. Focus and motivation = one can achieve anything.

Proceeding in the single-mindedness of the Lord, we come down to the Earth with the Trader. You are to align in yourself first, you will detect those who are not of your same truth and loyalty. Bond in care, compassion and unity with those who support your truth and loyalty.

Sharing a single mind with others harmoniously will motivate your own perseverance and bring fortune. Your teamwork will ask more of you, but in the end all will find success and personal fulfillment.

With this Vector as your strength, create harmony, union, peace and alliance. 
Creating social harmony will assemble the Gods in a rally of support.


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