Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight 5th - 11th Nov 2018

Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight 5th - 11th Nov 2018

Your entrepreneurial insight for 5th - 11th November 2018.

Are you involved in sales this week?

Vector 4.8 Courtship has some key principles to ensure greater success.

Attract opposites by valuing unity over differences.

Find common ground in preparation for a common path.

Focusing on differences. Letting things go their separate ways.

Two people from opposing sides come together through compassion for each other.

The sequence in this Vector brings forth attraction, influence and chemistry.

With the lake on top of the mountain, there is fertility & receptivity with further growth above the still, steady and stable foundation. Our fun, flexible Deal Maker sits happily above the stable, complete Mechanic, there is an enduring joy and prosperity.

Your position in this Vector is that of selfless and open-mindedness towards all people, receiving others with humility and being non-judgmental. Remember when we fall into judgement we come into competition, these two are close cousins.

Let other people move you and you will be able to move others = a mutual influence and reciprocal attraction.

This courtship is reminiscent of young love, with mutual attraction and sexual chemistry.
(look to Napoleon Hill, “Think and grow rich”, Ch 11,Transmutation for further insight in transmuting sexual energy)

Consider the body in order to move through the stages to heighten Courtship;

1: Sense and influence the big toe - change is coming, the beginning of movement, idea is surfacing and your intention needs to be set. Bring awareness to the big toe.

2: To influence the calves - the desire to move is mounting but do not move until you know where you are going, complete the plan of action.

3: Influencing the thighs - restlessness and impatience may surface, lusting after what your heart wants allows your emotions and impulses to govern. This is not a time to act spontaneously. Act rationally, maintain control. This is not the time to be chasing after what you want - let it come to you.

4: You hold the power that you seek but are not yet the master, find conviction in your position, this will lead to brilliance and greatness.

5: Influence the spine - the space of no regrets. Maintain your resolve with flexibility for a possible change of heart, it will still be virtuous if change is required.

6: Manifesting influence over your cheeks and tongue - you may be eloquent and charming with your words but your influence will remain superficial if you argue your way to success - action, common ground and unity are key.

Amplify your energies to reach greater results in sales through focusing on reaching common ground, chemistry, attraction, happiness and bliss.

Every success to you all,

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Video (2:31) Simple Spread with the Vector Cards

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