Your weekly Entrepreneurial Insight 19th Nov - 25th Nov 2018

Your weekly Entrepreneurial Insight 19th Nov - 25th Nov 2018

What Vector can contribute to us refining our Value and meeting the needs of our customers?

Vector 3.3 Illumination

Recognise and celebrate collective action


Keep to one consistent message and share it like crazy.


Mixed messages. Getting stuck in the detail or in the background.


Bright sunshine spread to all four corners of the earth, with no shadows able to hide.


Your customers want to see you, understand you and purchase from you.

They are waiting for that clear message that holds both clarity and light, sincerity and brilliance.

Feel the heat and passion of the double Supporter the double Fire, we are connecting with stories and conversation and congruent in our message for brand attraction and to ignite the operating team(s).

Be aware, of the attitude behind Fire, when burning too fierce, wildfire, it will make others fearful and run away, the aggression and fury can destroy. Harness the “campfire”, receive people in, invite connection, sit close and lean in for the warmth and share stories to bond and unite.

Emotions can be heightened, there is vulnerability within and the search for protection and support. We see the yin line (broken line) in between the two yang lines (unbroken lines) clinging in an auspicious way. This clinging will result in greater gains.

Fire has no solid form it clings to the object it burns - You (your business) is the Fire.

Persevere, you start with a spark, a flame, you burn the surface but you want to be burning deep, otherwise the flame will snuff itself out. This is a flame that illuminates inward going outward, not outward going inward.

Know your clear message.

Know who you are.

Luminous fire burns twice as bright, like twin flames - clarity and virtue. Your great brightness can illuminate across the four corners of the world.














Shine brightly and bring illumination to your Value,


A Simple Card Spread

A Simple Card Spread

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