Blog: The Young Ones

Blog: The Young Ones

Time to consider Gen Z as they enter the workforce, becoming the co-workers alongside the Millennial’s, according to Forbes, they go on to report that;

Gen Z is

  • motivated by security

  • may be more competitive

  • wants independence

  • will multitask - even more than Millennial

  • is more entrepreneurial

  • want to communicate face to face

  • are true digital natives

  • wants to be catered too

As a mother of 3 Generation Zer’s, I am curious at what will unfold, one thing I know to be true is the confusion and anxiety is ever increasing for these younger ones.

On one hand confusion of purpose remains steadfast, and on the other hand they know they are here for a greater purpose for something significant which results in the cry,

“....but I have absolutely no idea what it is…”

What if we, the older generations, are to turn around, grab hold of them and acknowledge that they are called to do something significant, something that has never been done before.

When you have been called to do something that has never been done before,

you will never discover that by looking at or copying what everyone else is doing.

You do not find your answers in the presence of people.

You discover this in the presence of Spirit ~

The sacred space of imagination, inspiration and intuition

Equipping our children with the full spectrum of intelligence, IQ, EQ and SQ (Spirit Intelligence) is important task in our day.

Those coming up are our reinforcement not our replacement, they are coming alongside of us and they are an answer to our prayers, they are not here to be a problem but to be a solution.

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