Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight 29th Oct - 4th Nov

Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight 29th Oct - 4th Nov

Your entrepreneurial Vector focus to assist you with generating profits this week from 29th October - 4th November.

8.1 Collection

Provide structure and wisdom without being overbearing.

Approach from a position of strength and humility.

Being presumptuous or judgmental of new ideas or energy.

Rivers and streams massing together to become the ocean, flowing slowly to an end.

This is a week of cultivating "personal" discipline (in yourself and in your business) in order to generate profits.

In the Vector of Collection, Mountain sits over Heaven or Mechanic over Creator, with this in mind, we can understand the Vector is requiring structure and wisdom without being overbearing. There is a level of control and self imposed limitation in order to direct the power and potential that you hold. This will keep you on the noble path.

Look to the Greats and the Wise and study their words and deeds, this will help you to develop the “correct” virtues.

As you bring in the necessary restraints this week, there can be challenges and difficulties, but meritorious achievements will follow as you control the power.

1: Do not force the situation.

2: Be patient and do not try to proceed in your “carriage” as the "axle" on the wheel is broken and requires you to fix it - make necessary repairs before you proceed.

3: Be the warrior. You have great skill and strength, now is the time to fine tune your skills, both your wits and your sword skills.

4: Tame the wild instincts within you. Control and limit the power is more productive, and this will yield prosperity and good fortune.

5: Make any necessary improvements to discipline the wildest parts of yourself (or your business) bring the great power under control.

6: Success is yours, with these improvements and proper limitations on yourself (or your business) you have stayed on the noble path and so the path from the Mountain (Mechanic) to Heaven (Creator) has been paved. You are ready to walk forth to the Kingdom.

Every success to you all,

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