Blog: Combined Forces

Vector Blog: Combined Forces

Some things just belong together.

Nothing exists in isolation. From an atomic particle to the grandest galaxies, the past, the present, and the future of every animate and inanimate being in our universe is intrinsically linked and we define each by its interconnection to everything else.

Combined forces is about the exponential impact you can have when you unite two streams of positive potential together to create something entirely new, like a non reversible chemical reaction, this process becomes a significant shift in your thinking and ultimately in your decision-making.

Although, force on it’s own, has an element of unconscious awareness of itself, which can lead to destruction. When we slow down and contribute conscious contemplation we can manipulate the energy from Force into Strength.

When we position ourselves from a place of Strength we generate attraction and admiration.

Combined forces is about the conscious fusion of two, you and another, you and an idea, you and…… fill in the gap….where we respect the process and give each “element” the support to share or communicate, revealing a new intimate, honest, transparent solution or fresh possibility.

In our world of creativity, Russell and I have a shared sense of what it means to be creative, understanding that creativity is a process of destruction and creation sometimes simultaneously. With our shared hearts, dreams and mission we create a new future of dynamic daring. Being intuitive and aware of each other almost becomes an innate quality so we can always be on the front foot in any situation in a place of strength.

Some “things” just belong together.

On the Vector journey, I find elements of the combined forces when I consciously unite my questions, my intentions with using the Vector cards there is a synchronistic dynamic that appears on choosing a card ~ the third element.

The Old Testament says, “when two or more come together in my Name, I am there”, this is that powerful third presence that pervades when we combine forces with the shared intention. Whether you are joining with another person, business, idea or it’s time to get your Vector cards out, unlock your “combined forces” through the art of contemplation and slowing down, the alchemical process that occurs is truly magical and your results could be more valuable than Gold.

Prosperity to you all,