Weekly Entrepreneurial insight 22nd - 28th Oct 2018

Weekly Entrepreneurial insight 22nd - 28th Oct 2018

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Your entrepreneurial insight for week 22nd - 28th October 2018 to position you to leverage success.

1.3 Partnership

Share the vision and organise the team around it's strengths.

ACTION: Share the vision and enjoy a spirit of common support

AVOID: Keeping the vision, the idea, the plan or the work to yourself.

IMAGE: Two ironsmiths working together on the same mould, with the same vision in partnership.


This is a time of kindred spirits coming together, Fire illuminating Heaven creating radiance, innovation and cultivation of the creative force.

A strong Yang (unbroken lines) energy is present showing strength in creativity and an expansion of allies, friendships and opportunities.

Fire (Supporter) ascends upwards towards the Heaven (Creator) uniting and sharing the universal vision and interests of many. It is time to set aside the private interests of the individual and lean into the fellowship and partnerships.

There must be an enlightened leader who will take charge in order to guide the fellowship / community and this person must hold the inner clarity and outer strength.

The fellowship, the partnership does require order and organisation with clarity, strength and guidance from the leader.

A collective has the potential to form, there is prosperity to be had through the shared vision and companionship that it brings.

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