Blog: Chasing the Sun

Here in the Great Southern Land we are in the middle of Spring, preparing for our iconic Summer.

We have been known to have a love affair with the sun, bronzing our bodies, sun-kissing our hair and heightening our senses with sand between our toes as we migrate half-naked to the beach at every available moment.

Anticipating Summer and the change of seasons is commonplace conversation promising a time of renewal, connections and expansion of energy.  A time when the weight of the weather lifts and we break out into a new world of possibilities.

How good does it feel to have the sun warm your bones, clear your mind and infuse some optimism into your heart.

Clearing our mind and settling into the most important things is a wise practice in any season for entrepreneurs to bring about focus and cut through the dross.  

Down Under as we long for more Sun, sister Summer tantalises us on days like today, with her promise of dynamic connections & passion. But, for a time as this, we have to be patient, having gratitude for the Genius Dynamo who governs us and leads us and our team forward on our proven ideas and projects, knocking over the tasks and getting things moving.

Wherever you are in the world, consider the seasonal archetypal Genius ruling over your business, be open to engage in a productive way that will enhance or expand your business practice and gift you new thinking.

From this sunburnt country, considering the Genius at play, I shuffle my deck of Vectors, slipping them from their silk pouch, take a sip of my tea and slowing down, drawing the Vector of Partnership 1.3 with the energies of Spring the Creator (1) and Summer the Supporter (3) they have synchronistically appeared to confirm and guide my thinking forwards.

With partnership at play, I share the vision and organise the team around it’s strengths, affirming that something’s just belong together, like diamond and pearls or Wealth Dynamics and the Wealth Vector System. Leaning into the energies revealed, I am excited about the launch of Combined Forces next month. Stay tuned in.

Make the most of the season you are in,