Vector Blog: Sunday musings ~ What is Consciousness?

Have you ever stopped to consider what is consciousness?

Consciousness is a word used often today, it is very popular, I talk about becoming a conscious entrepreneur through the Wealth Vector System, but I also feel mindful that it does not lose its potency and power.  

So today, 

I stopped to consider consciousness,

in a way outside of the general chattering in order to reconnect it to some meaningful roots.

Firstly, a Google search reveals that “Consciousness” is defined as: 

“the state of being aware of and responsive to one's surroundings.  It is a person's awareness or perception of something.”

Great, but where is the grit, I wanted to dig deeper.

Consciousness through older English translations can be considered as “a state of knowing with”

“With what?” you might ask.  

In the older Swedish translation, “it is a knowing with wood”

What does the “wood” mean?



The wood, I believe, is a tree, and symbolic of the relationship humanity has had to a greater power as we find in many creation stories:

Jewish have the Tree of life,

Christian's have the Tree of Knowledge,

Mayan culture have the Cosmic tree of life,

Early India also had cosmic tree called Asvattha,

and in the Norse myths there is a tree connected to the nine worlds.

The ancient tree, is a central symbol of human creation, spiritual unity, world wisdom and strength for peoples throughout the world. It shows itself as a central access point to understanding our world, when we partner together to “know with wood” we are in fact reconnecting ourselves to the invisible world wisdom. 

As we enhance and advance technologies for the future, sometimes it is just as meaningful to turn the gaze inward and contemplate the rich stories of the past to gleam a greater awareness to build firmly upon.

Consciousness, as a state of knowing with wood, shows me a primal partnership, a deep connection to human history and a storyline of ancient wisdom that enhances my worldview, which leads me to think differently as I walk in this world, a modern woman, working in consciousness.

“The tree brings back all that has been lost, namely the elements of nature. Through its branches and leaves, the tree gathers the powers of light and air, and through its roots, those of the earth and the water. …

Trees in particular were mysterious and seemed to me direct embodiments of the incomprehensible meaning of life. For that reason, the woods were the place where I felt closest to its deepest meaning and to its awe-inspiring workings. … 

You must go in quest of yourself, and you will find yourself again only in the simple and forgotten things. Why not go into the forest for a time, literally? 

Sometimes a tree tells you more than can be read in books… “ ~Carl Jung, abridged, Letters, 1906-1950.

So DRAW me a tree….I mean it - submit to

It might surprise you the insight it can give you, I will return some notes ;)

Pic: @russellordphoto Jarrah tree at Lane Poole Reserve, Western Australia.

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 20th - 26th May 2019

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight 20th - 26th May 2019

Money come, Money come, Money come
A week to be aware of your money.

What Vector moves us towards abundance with our money?

Vector 8.2 Fulfillment

Direct information and advice to feed new innovations

Be selective in adding appropriate details that serve others

Overloading with details
Being too sparing in your contribution

A group sitting to dine where there is ENOUGH for all to eat and now it’s time to eat.



Why do you need money?
Who do you become with your money?
Where are you currently with your thinking around money?
Where are you currently with your feeling about money?
How is money showing up in your business and life?

Be honest.

Do any of the following resonant, with money I….
...over give
...have no boundaries
...over spend
...feel resentful tight fisted
...avoid it
...feel guilt and shame not allow myself to receive it

What if this week you become the Vector 8.2 of Fulfillment with your money.
How does that shift your experience?

8.2 sits in brand attraction, stage 2 of your enterprise, and relates to Mechanics, but let’s get creative as there is a gift in this for you.

If you, with steel certainty, become Fulfillment in your thinking, in your Vision, in your communication and connection with money - what new story does that create?

If you come to an end with limiting yourself and finish the old restrictive stories that you tell yourself about money, will that make an improvement?

Mechanic, is the mountain, so first you must find rest in Fulfilment, keep still, preserving your energy through stability. The time for lightning (Star) will come when you need to arouse and shake, incite movement from within, take initiative and align with the laws of attraction.

Nourishment is first taken in from the mouth, what do you say and ingest about money?
The true measure of who you are with money is in how you nourish yourself first.

In the beginning was the word and the word requires your consciousness, and consciousness desires your partnership and partnership demands truth, so direct your energy towards cultivating your character, setting your standards and telling a new story.

1: You must listen to Spirit within you ~ your quiet still voice
2: Shake off the dust 
3: Question how have the last 10 years impacted where you are now with your money
4: Assess with great cunning your present circumstances and wait for the time to execute your endeavor 
5: Be open to an unconventional approach that leads to the best solution
6: Have confidence and conviction, this relationship with money may feel risky but there is a positive outcome when you cross the great stream.

Let money talk to you this week in new ways, raise your standards, there is enough for everyone.

Manifest abundance with your money,


Lately, I’ve been thinking about how to integrate the two living streams of my businesses as I love them both.

Producer in our photographic company and Spiritual mentor in Wealth Vector System.
I desire to be happier as an entrepreneurial woman and not fractured.
The solution is a new narrative about creativity.

Conscious Creativity of sorts .


I want to raise my spirit in collaboration to serve more people with a conversation that makes sense and is even more relevant.

Getting happier still.

What narrative do you live into in your business?

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 13th - 19th May 2019

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 13th - 19th May 2019

From time to time we must turn our gaze inwards, even for only 5 minutes each day, in so doing we sink down into ourselves and carefully take counsel and think over the contents of our business.

Make no mistake that this thinking is only partly to do with considering those things done well, but more importantly to attune to the deeper striving that will lead you further towards your highest endeavor.

What Vector strengthens us inwardly to move towards our highest endeavor?

1.1 Creation
Strive and persist until you have reached a breakthrough.

Persist and don’t quit.
Invest time until creation is complete.

Being half-hearted or distracted.
Letting ego get in the way.

A dragon flying in the sky, depicting the imagination coming to life and visible to all.

Use this Vector to raise your Yang energy this week in order to foster creation, birth or new beginnings. There is direct communication open to Heaven, a great force at hand, turn inwardly for a time to harness the power and deeper guidance before stepping out into the world.

Know thyself before proceeding, know where you are going, the power is for the greater good aligned to the genius of you. Do not be concerned or attempt to rush, inspiration comes from above.

Forge alliances that compel leadership and strengthen creativity.
Squash all fear and foreboding of failure this week you must expand your energy.

As the pioneer, striving towards your highest endeavor, you have been bestowed the grace from Heaven that will lead to greatness, wield both innovation and perseverance.

Great power and potential will burst forth with your commitment, there is a calm before the storm, it is not the time to act on impulse. The lay of the land may look calm but there is rumbling in the ground, a beating in the sky.

Transformation is happening and you will emerge rising above all others.

1: No movement - human laws must always comply first to universal laws.
2: Like attracts like - associate with those who empower you.
3: Persevere and be diligent, working by day and staying alert at night.
4: Transitional period - uncertainty, a choice to be made either path will lead to success and fulfillment.
5: Advantage will be gained by meeting with the great “lord”, one with knowledge and virtue that will develop you further.
6: Success is attained, avoid arrogant thoughts and reckless behaviour - humility is needed.

Awaken to the imaginings that lie deep within you and channel the creative power to persist until you reach your breakthrough.

As Queen says, “It’s a kind of magic”,

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 29th Apr - 5th May 2019

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 29th April - 5th May 2019

There are partnerships and connections to be made this week in our businesses,

“How can you position yourself for the best possible outcome?”

Vector 6.8 Development

Organise resources gradually for a new beginning.


Be orderly and logical in the assembly of resources to begin.


Throwing out all of the old.

Look backwards.

Be too cautious.


A sunrise from behind a mountain, gradually enveloping the entire landscape.


Here in the Southern hemisphere we can lean into the season around us with the Autumn energy and approach of Winter.

This Vector is characterized by steadfast - slow and steady.

The sunrise does not rush, and yet it envelops the entire landscape.

A tree growing at the peak of a mountain, is in perfect timing with the course of Nature, establishing it’s roots firm and deep into the soil of the mountain.

Grow slow and deep, stable roots and a strong foundation are more important to your endeavor than high branches.

One step at a time, do not seek overnight success or instant gratification.

Do not be anxious when you see others appear to advance faster than you, your success will come in time and gradual success will be more enduring and powerful.

The goose symbolises loyalty and devotion and in a broader perspective it represents teamwork, cooperation and integrity…

...the wild goose dawdles slowly toward the shore

...the wild goose dawdles toward a boulder

...the wild goose dawdles slowly toward the highlands

...the wild goose dawdles slowly toward the woods

...the wild goose dawdles slowly towards the summit

...the wild goose dawdles slowly toward the highlands, its feathers are sacred and prosperity will come for all.

The steadfast movement, the stamina required to ensure connections and partnerships are for long-term success, the personal strength in you to navigate any unfamiliar terrain and difficulties comes with Vector ~ grow Deep.

Standing in Tempo energy, you activate the element of earth to give you perception and right timing and you stand in the energy of Steel and you activate the element of metal and to give you clarity and structure.

Be orderly in your connections, it leads you to promising, positive, long-standing partnerships.


Happy Easter Vectors !

Honoring the crucifixion that may be necessary in your life to restore your relationship to the God in you, the power of Spirit, in order for you to access the vibrant experience of love and grace in your life forever more.

Using the season of our time, elevate your awareness and step onto the modern path to initiation towards a greater self knowledge as we reflect this weekend with the full moon and the Easter season - seek freedom.

Freedom from your constrictions, your limitations, your perceived sins,your sufferings, confess with your mouth in the privacy direct with the God in you and sense inwardly, you are the savior you have been waiting for.

You are the One in your life, you will rise - you will triumphant, experience the resurrection in your own being this weekend.

Move from the Good Friday mood of suffering to the spiritual mood of Easter Day and find strength in the forces that will lead you upwards.

Lean into the Vector of 7.7 Domination: Where there is trust and sincerity and a heart serves an important mission, there can be prosperity in spite of the suffering and pitfalls. Water flows, stay in motion and drink the living water of a life renewed.

You are a part of an important mission,

Your weekly entrepreneurial insight for 22nd - 28th April 2019.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter :)

This week, staying in the energy of “rising up” and living the life you were called to live, I have asked the question;

“What Vector will assist us to rise up this week in our businesses?”

There were actually two cards that stuck together - 3.3 Illumination and 4.2 Flow !

“Illuminated Flow”


Vector 3.3 Illumination
Recognise and celebrate collective action

Keep to one consistent message and share it like crazy

Mixed messages.
Getting stuck in detail or in the background

Bright sunshine spread to all four corners of the earth, with no shadows able to hide.


Vector 4.2 Flow
Go with the flow with effortless ease

Let others lead and be content with the light they shine

Diffusing or defining the efforts of others.
Judging the process

A family on a floating boathouse flow with the current of the river, in flow together

Integrating the two together in the energy of the Christian celebration of Easter.

It is important this week, to keep to one consistent message (as Jesus did in the New Testament story) and share it like crazy - with all conviction (as was achieve by him together with his 12 disciples).

Spreading the light (Amor) to all four corners of the earth by the masses (as the people were enlightened and had faith in his teaching).

The most important thing a leader can do, is consistently share the Vision of the company and ensure that their team do as well - constantly. The Flow occurs as others lead and share the "light" in alignment to the greater mission.

You are the Fire, with no solid form, but with the capacity to cling to the object that you burn - cling to your Vision, yes, it is an emotional attachment, but you are supported and protected.

Illuminate inwards and burn outwards, with virtue and clarity your luminous fire will burn twice as bright.

This is a potent Vector 3.3, in pursuit of happiness, to inspire fulfillment and to achieve high ambitions - rise up.

To Flow is to inspire followers, be the guide, the clarity in the dark, seek to understand, find time to enjoy yourself (but know your limits.)

Connect with others through conversation and understanding, bring the thunder clap of Joy in your movements to inspire others to follow you. Transformation is upwards and you shake downwards, to know how to lead is to first know how to serve.

Your adaptability and flexibility will be acknowledged, lead into victory and bring advancement to the collective. This will inspire followers.

Both Vectors this week are auspicious, manage them well.

Harness the Blaze and rise,

Connecting at the Brisbane Global Entrepreneur Summit

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to be a business partner and attend the Brisbane Global Entrepreneur Summit. Flying over from my cosy, country, coastal hometown I stepped into the city vibe of Brisbane.

In order to get new results we need to do new things, connecting with the right people.

This is one event you need to be book into your business calendar and commit to turning up with the expectation of success. The content weaves consciousness, business, technology and the new waves of future trends to position you well as an entrepreneur.

It will leave an indelible impression that will push boundaries of your current business practice.

Consider The fifth stage of revolution ~ Society 5.0

1: Problem-solving & value creation

2: Diversity

3: Decentralisation

4: Resilience

5: Sustainability & environmental harmony

Leading to Become superhuman ~ Entrepreneur 5.0

  • Digital Layer

  • Practitioner

  • Hi Touch

  • Integrator

  • Zebras

  • Purpose Centred

  • Venture Builder

Commit to a new future in business, come to your senses by stripping back your current business thinking to find a new energy, new connections that transform you from “meh” to marvellous.

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 1st - 7th April 2019

“What Vector do you need this week?”


Approach with a long term view of ongoing benefit.


Co-operate with a view to mutual and sustainable success.


Aggression or argument. Positioning for success above others.


A well, providing a limitless source of lasting sustenance to support


Such a sense of plenty and enoughness.

“The well is there for all. No one is forbidden to take water from it. No matter how many come, all find what they need, for the well is dependable” - I Ching

Drink in the keywords;










Long Term



Connection with the plant kingdom, as the water is drawn up through the fibre and wood of the plant to water the blossoms it is the dispensing of nourishment.

The cycle of nature remains the same.

Our society and towns are in continuous change and advancements but we all need to return to the Well for our nourishment, our primitive needs remain the same.

When we approach with a long term view of ongoing benefit, we are able to reach down deep into the well and find source support - the source of all life.

Do not drink the mud from the well.

If your rope on your water jug is too short it symbolizes your efforts are falling short and you are failing to truly understand life. If your water jug is cracked it symbolizes that there is negligence and not enough care and study of the universal principles all around you.

For success and long term view of ongoing benefit for all you must extend your rope to reach the fountainhead, the well water, take care in the details. Do not crack the water jug that is so critical to drawing up the water from the depths.

Clear, cold spring water fills the well - it is drinkable.

Central to this Vector is rejuvenation and plenitude for the masses, ultimately nourishment for the people.

Expand the view to the greater good, the situation at hand this week is much deeper and much more meaningful than you initially perceive it to be.

This Vector will assist you to go to the heart of the matter and a divine omen will come to you to answer your question. Gentle thoughts with great depth, this Vector of Sustainability can position you to be the fountainhead for others, the well, providing knowledge, service and greater good to others.

Realise your inner potential,


Finding Magic

Sometimes it’s all about having patience and trusting that the right resources will show up at the right time.

I needed to go all the way to Jarrahdale on a photo job in order to find, in the back of a tea shop, this edition copy of the I-Ching, Book of Changes (English version).
Sure I could have looked to purchase online or new in store, but it takes away from the synchronicity and magic felt when it shows up in a seemingly random spot.
It’s all connected - now to enjoy!

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 25th - 31st March 2019

We had a great Entrepreneur Mastermind call this month on Personal Brand.

To support our further discovery of personal brand/identity which of the Vector gives us a quality to strengthen our position in this area?

Vector 3.2 PRECISION.

Direct energy through set rules and clear conduct.


Be forceful in setting the rules to direct energy into action.


Hesitating in being heard.

Compromising or being overridden.


Swift and strict punishment in a court for rules that have been broken.


This Vector is direct and forceful. It has clarity and is to the point, there is no room for muddle, confusion or chaos.

If your audience has 5 seconds (or less) to understand and choose to align with you through their purchase of your goods or services, are you positioned well, with this level of clarity?

Is the application of Precision internal or external in nature for you in your personal branding/identity?

This Vector tells you there is an obstacle you have to face - is it in your thinking, your sense of self worth, your fears, your actions or your communication style - is it from within you or in your external environment?

Imagine cracking seeds with your front teeth, focus and clarity are required amidst any obstructions and feelings of vulnerability. Bite down and snap through the obstacle in your mouth, splice it open and remove the obstacle from your path.

You know diffused light is beautiful and is enchanting and dreamy, but you require your customers, prospects and clients to be directed down an established path toward the best decision. Channel and focus the light like a laser that can cut through Steel with it’s PRECISION.

Begin with Blaze, Fire of the Supporter, the fire draws you in, it is mesmerizing, it is all-encompassing, but you are required with this Vector, to move in an upward fashion to Dynamo/Blaze, Star, which is Lightning, here is the capacity to shock and bring AWE = gain the attention.

With the characteristics of the Star at play, be mindful not to position yourself as the Hero, shining the Light on yourself. Take the instruction from Donald Miller, in his book, “Building a Story Brand”, to ensure the higher dimension of the Star is activated which positions you as the ‘Guide’, shining the Light onto others through your brand promise and your messaging - a vehicle for visibility.

Be disciplined and declare the exact rules, the story, so that your customers can follow with ease, they long for your brand to be part of their transformation so make it clear and direct from the beginning.

Dare to be visible,


Vector Blog: Do you hear from Spirit?

I believe one of the most powerful relationships we can have as entrepreneurs is our partnership with Spirit. In Wealth Dynamics, it is the 5th frequency, our questioning of “Why?” and our place of “Insight”.

There is a passage in an old book, which calls for us to become like little children. To humble ourselves, in order that we receive the greatest gifts of all, that of the kingdom of Heaven. As a parent of 3 children and having worked in early childhood education, one of the first questions I have found that children ask and sometimes ask incessantly is “Why?”

It’s interesting to consider there is something deeply powerful and necessary in our relationship with Spirit, that we must first come from “Why?”, from a place of new beginnings, openness and curiosity.

In all honesty though, when times get hard in life and business, our natural inclination is to contract, hold on, shutdown and even think that we are the only ones who can have the answers. But what if we allow our relationship with Spirit to be like a rock, anchoring us in the eye of the storm, the place of safety, as the cyclone sweeps around us.

What if this relationship could also tether us into an elevated place of faith and trust that would allow our steps to flow and to be assured.

What if our relationship with Spirit was not to be silent.

Weaving a living relationship with Spirit as an entrepreneur, we can demand and be in expectation of personal intimate communications. Where it is not just by the letter, the word - our intellect, but it is with living Spirit that we can be together, communicating, communing and under covenant.

But what if Spirit is silent?

Whether we are a person of faith, a person of spirituality, or even someone walking a journey of higher consciousness, the number one desire on our hearts is to hear directly from Spirit/Higher Consciousness/Divine/ it what you please, and how often do we cry out when we experience silence.

Connection and communication brings us life, it is the air we breathe.

From the smallest of subatomic particles, we have Nature within us through sharing of basic elements that sit in the core of our matter. When we look at the characters of many of the old myths and legends, humans have been described as coming from the earth and once formed enter into a relationship with a Spirit or God/Goddess greater than themselves.

In Hebrew, “Adam” as described in the Old Testament of Christianity, means from the ground, of the earth, the red clay, we are told Spirit like a potter, forms him with his own hands and breathed life into him, in’spire, in order to have a relationship with him. ‘Adam” became a vessel.

The next character in this book, is Noah. “Noah” in Hebrew, means “rest”, the lesson is about coming into a “perfect” and “deep” rest, so that we can hear the instructions from Spirit, even when the calling sets us apart from others and we might be ridiculed.

In the state of rest, Spirit speaks.

But the question is, can you get out of your own way?

Are you courageous enough to channel, listen in, follow that which is placed on your heart, that which calls you to potentially be different and be “greater” than those around you. To be focussed on building your ship as the waters rise around you, following your higher purpose even despite the floods of life and business where everything seems lost and you feel isolated.

We are not alone.

In both these stories, they did not achieve great feats alone, Spirit walks with “(wo)man”, coming alongside and together they walk in the cool of the day.

Spirit desires relationship, desires connection, desire us to hear and for us to speak and Spirit desires to walk with us.

We are told we are knitted together in our mother’s womb for such a time as this, with all the threads of your uniqueness, talent and strengths you are needed now.

Be the vessel Spirit has fashioned you to be, come into perfect rest so you can hear, pour out all the goodness, beauty and truth to others from your place of splendour and always journey together.

Walking with Spirit,

Pic: Auckland Art Gallery

Choosing a Winner of 12 months Spiritual Direction

Selecting a Winner to the Spiritual Direction Competition.

The Spiritual Direction Competition was released through GeniusU and was offering a 12 month partnership with myself and Wealth Vector System.

In Spiritual Direction at the beginning of each month, you will connect online with me to dive into your personalised plan for the month ahead with practical application and spiritual insight for yourself as an entrepreneur and your business.

What is included in your 12 month spiritual direction with the Vectors

● 12 x 60 min One to one online calls with Catherine each month

● A physical deck of vector cards

Over the 12 months you will learn and experience a powerful proven card system that can give you

● a greater self awareness

● alignment with creativity

● Strengthen your intuition

● clarity on decision making

● An opportunity to have a monthly accountibility partner

● New possibilities to make improvements in your business practice

● Strategy for your wealth creation

● Assistance to build high performance teams

● Focus to take the next step forward

● 3 key areas for execution for the month ahead

You will be encouraged to enter into your business and Entrepreneurial journey from a different perspective.

One that aligns and integrates timeless wisdom and dynamic modern day business practices.

Are you ready to enter into a whole new world?

VALUED at $1697 USD

Vector Insight: Cleansing the Vector Cards

Back from the New Zealand Global Entrepreneur Summit and I wanted to share with our community a practice I do to cleanse and clear my Vector Cards ready for my next clients and sessions. 

Rituals and ceremonies have been used since the earliest dawning of time in our humanity and it is a way to step into a reverancial flow of communication with Spirit/Divine/our Higher Self. It is a practiced way of behaving to position ourselves in the gesture of “Awe”, using objects, placement, intention and process to deeply and meaningfully experience connection.

By tuning into the energetics of our relationships we are aligning to consciousness Spirit and in this video I walk through a ritual with my cards where I they are prepared as a “gift - an offering” back to Spirit in order to release an residue, negative or sticky energy that can be transmuted for the next wave of goodness.

Play lightly and give it a try if it inspires you.

Vector table mats and Vector Crystal packs are available on request.


Wellington, NZ Entrepreneur Fast Trak Event 13th March 2019

What if I was to tell you there was a whole other way of doing business.

A way that we could strengthen your sight to see beyond what is currently in front of you,

A way you could rise up and gain a ‘bird’s eye’ view to enhance your decision making as well as get into flow and have more harmony with others.

Welcome to the world of the Wealth Vector System.

Here at the Wealth Vector System, we integrate the modern-day business practice of Wealth Dynamics and the Wealth Dynamics entrepreneurial profiles together with timeless wisdom of the I-Ching.  By weaving together these two living streams we have created a powerful and transformational card system.  A card system that can be used for open-minded conscious consultants, entrepreneurs and leaders for themselves, but also for their teams, creative strategy and within their business.

This approach is both technical and creative in its application, in order to ensure you are adaptable and flexible to the changing landscape of business and it positions you with a tool that allows you to navigate change with ease.

Just for this moment, stop to consider are you stuck in your thinking, bored with your business, out of flow on your entrepreneurial journey, experiencing upsets with others, desiring something different or seeking to align your higher consciousness with your vision and mission in business and life?

As an entrepreneur, you are not meant to know everything, but it is your job to be curious enough to seek out a new possibility, a fresh way of doing things, to motivate yourself to activate your leadership, because the reality is, no one is coming to save you.

This is my invitation to you, to step beyond what you are currently doing and cross the threshold into a new world of thinking and creating new solutions, placing you back into your flow, that is relevant to where you currently are.  

The power of the Vectors is that they are attuned to timeless wisdom that has impacted emperors, scholars and seekers for centuries and the bottom line is - it works.

Join us at the Wellington Entrepreneur Fast Track 2019 on Wednesday, March 13th, 2019. Learn the smartest and effective strategies to achieve 10X growth in your business, your team performance and your quality of life. #EFT2019 

Don't miss this once a year opportunity. Book your seat today:

Vector Blog: In someone else’s shoes

This week we celebrate International Women’s Day on the 8th March, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It has occurred for over a century now, and it belongs to all groups collectively everywhere.

Considering this post and looking at the theme for this year, #Balanceforbetter, I had a memory of being a child spending time in my mother’s closet trying on all her beautiful clothes and especially her stiletto high heels.

I remember the first time, putting on her heels and feeling the stretch in my arch and the weight on the ball of my foot, the imbalance and wobble in my body was laughable.

As I persevered, in sheer delight, my ankles gave way and I would fall over, only to try again. Scuffing my feet along with the floor with that recognisable “clomp, clomp” sound of the heels my balance got better, I did not fall down as much and I had a window of time where I got to see a glimmer of her world - of a women’s world.

In that time, I experienced the grown up stretch and uprightness that was required in order to walk forwards and it wasn’t easy or comfortable. Her shoes were completing different from my own, but I had such a strong desire to come alongside her, understand her and be like her it didn’t matter.

Today, this memory turned my reflection to consider how much time do we take to step into the shoes of others and attempt to walk in their world.

Often or not ?….and do we really put our foot all the way in and laced them up?

What if we had a call on our heart, in our Spirit, to step into the shoes of another,

would you be willing?

We all do life alongside of so many people and often at times we rush and hurry along, asking “how are you?” and not even wanting to know the answer. We get stuck making assumptions about others that are often nowhere near what that person is going through but once again we have no time to truly be present, to listen in, offer some balance (healing) with our presence (our time).

As we open our Spiritual eyes to gain Insight with our work with the Vector cards, what if, we pivot, to “see” what Spirit wants us to see with our fellow people and try on some shoes we might think are ugly, not the right fit or the wrong style. Where we may initially say, “I don’t want to wear those”, but instead we accept the challenge to move where Spirit calls you to move, to show up make a positive impact and bring in some balance for the better, where if you did not show up, it would not occur at all.

Our life is a fine line between what we want and what Spirit is calling us to do.

Sometimes these too align for true magic and flow, but other times for many of us the misalignment usually happens when our own desires and motives come first. Along life’s path, we can be so fascinated with our own shoes and the comfort that we walk in, we forget to step into the shoes of others. In our first world, we have free-choice and our own freedoms are critical, however without each other and coming alongside of another human being for a time in meaningful, living connection ~ we are lost.

When we squeeze our foot into those heels or those shoes of someone else and experience their world, meeting them where they are at, you have the powerful opportunity to influence them to elevate their choices and bring in more balance to their current situation.

As human beings, we are all connected to Spirit through our “Beingness”‘, and in this truth, Spirit knows the story of every single one of us as we collectively are link together. Spirit knows all about the Real Deal of you, there is no hiding where you are out of balance in your life - there is no pretending in the eyes of Spirit and no need to keep up pretense because others around you do not have time for the Real Deal of you.

By stepping in the shoes of another, it is not for us to know all the answers, however in our relationship to Spirit, trusting what is revealed in you to share with them, wonders can occur. We can be an answer to someone else in that moment.

Step up to the call and remember it is not about us, nor our blanket prescriptions and opinions that are all words, it’s not about being overly zealous without any knowledge, it’s not about being right and emotional, but it is about our approach - our motives and intentions, our alignment with the agenda of Spirit, which is pure love we can ensure the best landing.

When we put on the shoes of another, feel into any uncomfortableness of what is really going on, listen to Spirit in you with a loving intention, we end up saying what we are meant to say and not what we want to say.

This can make all the difference.

#Balanceforbetter living together,


Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 4th - 10th March 2019

Your weekly entrepreneurial insight for 4th - 10th Mar 2018

Looking at focusing on our market connections this week:

“Connections and partnerships with major market players”

3.4 Opposition

Keep your identity as relationships become merged.


Remain true to your principles and clear about your path.


Yielding to other interests too easily or without opposition.


A couple in dynamic opposition and tension as they agree to disagree.


How often can you lose yourself in a relationship or partnership and the waters become cloudy. The Vector this week is calling for you to be true and clear about your identity/principles and not fold or morph, losing all sense of individuality.

Move towards interdependence this week in your market connections.

When we experience dynamic opposition and can still work in partnership as we build our business muscles and can learn key lessons about trust and communication.

In Market connections, we have the image of the 3rd son, which is gathering, connection between immovable mountains, under the Vector of 3.4 Opposition, we need to be aware that in the greater endeavor at hand we are faced with opposition, however, take time to settle on the minor issues as it is auspicious to work to completion on these smaller tasks.

The sage is distinguished as an individual, separated from the ‘rest’; here you are to stand apart, stand firm, and know why you stand so firm.

The dynamic experience can be that one party is pushing for progressive movement and the other is holding back.

This sense of separation is necessary as Fire (Supporter) meets Lake (Deal Maker) - neither can progress at this stage and yet your individuality is critical to maintain.

Like two siblings sharing a house, there is a wall that currently divides them, usually a harmonious relationship, a time in opposition is necessary.

However, we also need to keep persisting, the carriage may be dragging and you feel separate, and losing your power, but get the oxen moving again and stay aligned to your Divine purpose progressing in a virtuous manner. The final outcome is victory.

Take time to work on your trust issues understand your position in the partnership and be open to understanding/listening to their point of view, as there can be feelings of skepticism of the other’s motives and intentions.

Your walk is hard, the weather is for rainfall, but fortune and prosperity will come.

Make the journey in the rain,



*Adele: Set Fire to the Rain

*Eurythmics: Here comes the rain again

Vector Blog: There is Magic all around

The other week, my husband and I were on assignment in a small inland town, we were pressed for time and had only the last light of the day to work with and deliver to our client - the pressure was on.

As we drove along the side of the old railway tracks, I noticed something shift in the environment, a driveway caught my eye to the left, it seemed to look different - welcoming. This happened in a split second, it was non emotional, clear and fast - my curiosity was sparked 
- “stop, turn around and go back, there is something down that driveway” I said to my focused and determined husband.

You have to understand here, already I am taking a risk with him and potentially tapping into the wrong call, wasting our precious time on a hoax.

But this felt/seemed different and I was super clear.

So we turned around and drove in - oh my there was some deep magic in those parts!

I have not felt like that it in years and thanks goodness the “hunch” paid off grandly.

We were both like little kids exploring the enchanted forest. And the photos were spot on and we were both rejuvenated by some “Forest Bathing”.

Down that unsigned, dirt track ended up being Western Australia’s first permanent state nursery established in 1897. Between 1925 and 1957 a total of 4.5 million trees, of different varieties were produced at the Nursery, with local prisoners contributing to the growth. Still owned by the State government it remains part of the historical eco precinct of the area.

The power and partnership that can happen when we are attuned to our intuition, when we trust in our gut and develop a relationship aligned with higher consciousness is a delight - some what magical.

Our intuition does have a connection to our ‘gut’, a natural survival instinct all humans have. Whether we listen and act upon it is over to the individual, as we are ‘creatures’ of free-will.

But going deeper, intuition is also connected to Trust.

Trust in our own gut hunches & sensations, trust in ourselves, trust in others, trust in the Divine. We can avoid trusting the powerful guidance or embrace it. Just as there are levels of trust and we need to be BRAVE - as Brene Brown, discusses in, Anatomy of Trust, we need to be BRAVING, there are also levels of intuition we can attune too.

The first step is to just have the awareness of it.

The second step is to express it.
By expressing and objectifying your intuitive awareness so that by becoming conscious you will notice your behaviour and actions and create conscious choice to lean in and see where it takes you - down the garden path or beyond.

When we commit to the real power of our Intuition we align ourselves with our higher consciousness earned by cultivating a spiritual relationship between our soul and the Divine (Spirit/God) and maintain a steady consistent dialogue and practice.

Keeping an “intuition” journal is one way to record the synchronicities, the gut hunches, the magical messages that you receive on a daily basis.

By writing these down and reflecting on them you are naturally building your confidence and trust in the process. Recording your entries with a date, time and location can also be valuable to the practice. We think we are going to remember them, in the moment they can be so powerful, however in reality, there are just a few that actually stay in mind as we get older 😉

In the Vector System, we do work in partnership with our intuition (as well as our imagination and inspiration) I do encourage you to keep a journal and record where you can, your cards, your readings, your insights in order to go back and recognise their whisperings. It can become a rich and meaningful body of work, personal to you and able to contribute to your decision-making in business.

Below are a couple ways to develop your intuition further to help you develop an awareness of your intuition and how your’s works best. 
(yes, there are different ways of receiving intuitive guidance - but that's for another post)

1. Spontaneously write down your impressions and draw images as consistently as you can, carrying a small notebook with you can be helpful. It’s important not to censor your thoughts!

2. Be free, open, and expressive. Don’t worry about spelling and punctuation, these are your personal private notes.

3. If you write something that seems to be wrong at the time, highlight it, so it can still be read. You may see it in a different light in retrospect.

4. Free yourself from rigid expression on the page by swapping writing hands, if you are right-handed, try writing with your left (or vice versa). It can seem awkward at first, but when you persist it can reveal some interesting insights.

5. In your recordings of the Vector Cards, if you get stuck on what to write, swap over to a blank piece of paper and write the last word over and over until a new thought presents itself—and it will.

6. Set your imagination free. “ Imagine if…..” 
Notice when you make your imagination wrong or bring in judgement, “oh that’s just my imagination!” Yes, it is! - the language of your imagination is pictures, symbols, colours and sounds all linked to the creative mind in you.

Remember to have lightness, enjoyment and be curious.
Developing and cultivating a “working” relationship with your Intuition can be FUN.

Tap into the magic all around you,

pic: russellordphoto :)

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 18th-24th Feb 2019

Your weekly entrepreneurial insight for 18th-24th Feb 2019

“What will bring me Joy in my business this week?”

8.6 Extraction
Be pure in your intentions and remove what does not fit.

Be discerning in what serves and be open on what does not.

Being tolerant of unclear or confusing intentions or distractions.

A peach eaten by worms, implying decay, disintegration and the need to pull out and clean up.

You are called to cast a critical and discerning eye over your business this week, with pure intentions and with the help of the characteristics of the Mechanic we are looking to bring things to completion as well as make improvements, eradicating what does not fit or is misaligned.

Your introverted nature is stimulated and the Steel line is active.

Your Joy can be found when you are insync with your Purpose, identify the decay, degeneration or stagnation in your business and take immediate action through considered planning before more atrophy occurs.

This may be a challenging undertaking, but it is necessary if you are committed to crossing the great stream, it must be completed.

The Mountain of the Mechanic tells you to be "still" and steadfast, preserving energy through your stability, consider 3 days of preparation before the Critical Point, use this time in observation and identifying the spoil.

The Wind of the Accumulator enters gently and gently blows, you need to proceed with conscientiousness, your time of Action is to also maintain flexibility and adaptability to ensure extraction is completed.

Come back to Mountain and assign 3 days afterwards as Strategic Reflection.

To remove and extract the decay is to motivate your people towards higher moral standards.

The Vector of Extraction is not about service to society, but it is in service of your own higher consciousness, aligned with your Purpose. Create a distance from worldly affairs this week, draw back and align to your higher purpose, with your greater good.

Your role is not the governor, it is the sage, it is not moving forward in the desire of power, but because your intentions are aligned with Spirit and deeply pure.

It’s time to clean up and feel the JOY.

Entrepreneur Insight for February

Welcome February ! 
Happy Birthday all you Aquarian entrepreneurs.

This month:
* doing things differently
* your uniqueness
* Communication and the element of Air
* attachment & detachment 
* what groups are you apart of?
* your communities affect your energy
* making advancements
* Vector 5.4 Approach
* Remember the Tempo - too much mental stimulation and over thinking leads us to anxiety and confusion
* Ascension to your Greatness

Wow - what a month we are in and can activate.

Anyone else finding accelerated synchronicity? - even the simple small ones are coming in fast !

Surrender to the Good and Be the LIGHT to others through your deeds x