“The Wealth Dynamic Vector cards are the 1# leading entrepreneurial tool and practice to access timeless wisdom for leadership and decision making.”

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Do you need help with

  • your decision-making

  • improving your team relationships & productivity

  • or being innovative & creative ?

This is a powerful, transformative card system for open-minded entrepreneurs and leaders.

This system gives you and your teams

  • guidance when making decisions,

  • focus to navigate changing situations in your business

  • insight to optimise your success

Access timeless wisdom and modern entrepreneurial practice in order to gain time, direction, peace of mind and counsel. 

We teach this system through online training, global workshops & an immersive retreat program.

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Your Entrepreneurial Profile's Epic Hero / Heroine's Journey with the Vector Cards.

  • Do you have a DEEPER stirring in your bones?

  • A desire of BECOMING more of your authentic self?

  • Have you got your MAP to navigate your DESTINY?

Let me GUIDE you on a deeper quest into a Special World, where you travel into the "Field of Adventure" and come to understand yourself greatly as an Entrepreneur.

EXPAND your self awareness so that you can THINK differently and make better decisions and choices.

“I had a mentoring session with Catherine this morning on the Wealth Vector System and it was amazing, insightful, and so practical. I can’t wait to develop my Vector Card skills to assist and benefit my tribe and team. Thank you Catherine”

Katrina Johnson, Newsky Consulting