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Founded in 2018 by spiritual mentor & creative entrepreneur Catherine Ord.

Wealth Vector System is aligned to timeless wisdom of the I-Ching and modern day business practice of Wealth Dynamics.

The Wealth Dynamics Vector cards were created by world renowned futurist & social entrepreneur Roger James Hamilton.

He is the Founder of Entrepreneurs Institute and the creator of GeniusU, Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics, used by over 700,000 entrepreneurs to follow their flow.

Catherine is a qualified Transformational Dream-builder coach, Certified Flow & Performance consultant, Mentor on GeniusU & Practitioner of the Tarot & Astrology.

She guides her clients and students on their entrepreneurial journey to clarity, meaning and direction. Her unique practice gives deep insight, proven strategy & tactics to enhance and refine their businesses and ultimately make conscious, empowered decisions.

Grounded in real life experience and proven success, Catherine communicates clearly from a collective depth of universal laws and timeless wisdom.

With her love of the arts and creativity she continues to work alongside her professional photographer husband, in their global photographic company where she mentors creatives & produces photo shoots from their country coastal town in Western Australia.