Are you willing to do something different?

Uncertainty with your decision-making, disconnected in your relationships, struggling to have clarity & lacking creativity?

You can have peace of mind in your business


Wealth Vector System raises awareness in entrepreneurs through a proven system of focused insights, meaningful connection and personalised attention.

You experience a transformational shift in your thinking as you strengthen your intuition, attune to your deeper purpose and awaken inspired action that leads you towards greater success.

Are you ready for conscious communication giving you the ability to navigate the changing landscape of business with ease.

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Join the Vector Community and receive your weekly entrepreneurial insight with the Vector cards, your monthly insider video, Vector blog and exclusive offers only for the Vector community.

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Receive your own deck of Wealth Dynamic Vector cards and learn about the Vector practice for your entrepreneurial journey through both self paced videos and online live training to ensure you start confidently .

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Expert private consultation direct with Catherine for entrepreneurial insight and forecasting your month ahead in business.

Join the Vector Community


Join the Vector Community and receive your weekly entrepreneurial insight with the Vector cards, your monthly insider video, Vector blog and exclusive offers only for the Vector community. 

“I has a session with Catherine last night using the vector cards in where both Business were at. One Health Dynamics and my clinic. I could not believe how exact it was and the advise she gave, and the next steps by using the vector cards the insight of the I-ching which is the book for life gave exactly what I needed to hear and confirm what we were doing. Thanks Catherine you are a beautiful, caring and passionate person. Amazing result you must see her if you have not had a session yet.”
— Jo Formosa, Health Dynamics

Catherine's session with me felt like soul striking. I asked her for some guidance in some directions - personally and professionally. I think she really hit the nail on its head with her answers. I would love to have more sessions on how to approach certain relationships in my life that are complicated or less in flow. There is no such a thing as too much flow!

— Bibi Gratzer, innovate4ocean

After our fabulous first session on Zoom - I am really looking forward to more sessions and meeting you in person in Johannesburg. Thank you for your guidance in my process of "getting clarity" on my WHY and also on using the Vector Cards as a tool.

— Mirna De Hart, Social entrepreneur

Working with the Catherine was an eyeopener. She has a client centred approach which allowed me to gain clarity and confidence in my future plans. She also has a beautiful, peaceful manner and temperament making me feel completely at ease. I would highly recommended her.

— Phily Healey, Inclusive music

Love people that give from the heart. Thank you Catherine. Advice was spot on.

— Shaf Cangil, Organisational Rescue


Catherine makes the Vector Cards speak directly to your situation. I really enjoy her creativing in presenting the cards in various layouts, and her comfort level and confidence are contagious! She is the perfect person to guide you to new levels of insight with this amazing tool. Don't miss the opportunity to gain new insight and clarity into your business and life decisions.

— Will Reed, Rennaissance Samurai

Catherine has an innate ability to convey the meaning of the cards in a way that goes beyond their face value, providing added value so individuals and team members understand each others perspective and part in creating a magical business.

— Philippa Ross,   Human Ecologist & Enthusiologist

Love the way Catherine crosses intellectual, artisian and spirtual modalities to create a unique mentoring experience.

— Susie Hutchison, visionary entrepreneur and passionate philanthropist

Today I experienced a generous gift of an amazingly accurate and insightful Vector & Tarot Card reading done in such a beautiful way by Catherine Ord. It was so spot on that I could feel it in my heart and had to hold back the tears a few times. I love the way her reading dealt with and connected different areas of my life and my business. I could completely feel Catherine connecting to me and I definitely felt connected to her. It was a most beautiful experience that touched my soul.

— Michelle More,    sure focus

“I had a mentoring session with Catherine this morning on the Wealth Vector System and it was amazing, insightful, and so practical. I can’t wait to develop my Vector Card skills to assist and benefit my tribe and team. Thank you Catherine”
— Katrina Johnson, Newsky Consulting